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American Role in the Vietnam War

Vietnam War was a major war that caused many people to lose their lives. American troops that were brave enough to fight for Their country deserve a lot of credit for what they did. It is said that by 1968, there were more than 538,000...

Impacts of The Vietnam War in Vietnam

After international criticism, the newly elected president Nixon finally renounced first use of lethal chemicals in November 1969. But that didn’t involve the use of napalm on military targets. The American military has never again used chemicals as extensively as it did in Vietnam. But...

The Involvement of Canada in the Vietnam War

In the TDSB throughout the Canadian history curriculum students learn about WW1 and WW2. From the trench warfare to the attack on pearl harbour and to the creation and use of the atom bomb, the students learn of the causes and consequences of these events....

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