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The Role of King Louis XVI in Seven Years War

A prominent debate in the history of the French revolution is whether King Louis XVI can in fact be seen as a tyrant or a victim of his time. Reflecting on the series of events that culminated in the French revolution, I find it intriguing...

The French Unrest and Seven Years War Impact on France

The French Unrest realized incredible changes in the general public and legislature of France. The unrest, which kept going from 1789 to 1799, additionally had sweeping impacts on the remainder of Europe. 'It acquainted popularity based goals with France however didn't make the country a...

How British and Spaniard Race for Power Shaped the World

Power was desired among countries, especially between countries in Europe. From the 1520s to the early 1700s, developments and interactions in the New World were taking into account. This essay will explore two nations that are an important factor in shaping the world and its...

Key Events and Influential People of 18th Century Europe

Louis XVI During the 18th century France, Louis XVI was the king of France that married Marie Antoinette of Austria as a sign of alliance. After his grandfather Louis XIV’s reign with the court and four wars, France was largely in debt and Louis XVI...

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