How British and Spaniard Race for Power Shaped the World

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Power was desired among countries, especially between countries in Europe. From the 1520s to the early 1700s, developments and interactions in the New World were taking into account. This essay will explore two nations that are an important factor in shaping the world and its time period. The British and the Spainard were slowly rising into powers began to explore into the New World just look like any other imperial countries. The expansion in the west led to new ideas and assets. As the Colombian exchange continued, both countries are exchanging goods in pursuit to benefit from colonizing nations. Trading led to more riches, although colonists from England were unable to trade with other countries but their from their motherland. Being unable to trade with others, but only to the motherland has an impact on lives because of the economic aspects. Countries back home would likely benefit tremendously because of the mass wealth coming in while the colonies loses. These riches would drive the two nations to explore and continue its colonial efforts.

The effects of trading influences the lives of colonists. English colonists were able to learn new techniques such as for producing goods and how they lived their life. This was also the case for the Spanish colonists as they were introduced to animals and slaves. With the slaves lead to the mass production of goods in the colonies which would affect its homeland. As economies get better in the colonies, the majority of its outcome would have given to the parent countries. By trading ideas in the colonies, they were able to adjust and create a better living condition which influences how colonists lived.

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Wealth was commonly seen as a sign of dominance. Both the nations would continue calming lands, eventually able to grow with power. Spain was quite influential as it dominated the New World Explorations. This drove England to stake their claims as well and later on would prove to be a powerhouse.

There were conflicts between England and Spain in the age of explorations. One of the conflicts was the Anglo-Spanish War which was between Spain and England in 1585 to 1604. Tension would be spurred from raiding fleets that had carried treasures from riches in the New World Colonies. The outcome of the war led to the British becoming victorious. This greatly affected the balance of power between the two countries. Furthermore, it led to the rise of England and the end of Spain's domination. Eventually helping lead to permanent English settlement in the New World because of how powerful they have become.

In the treaty of Madrid that was signed in 1670 by England and Spain ended the War officially. This treaty led the Spanish officially recognized England's possessions in the New World and also seceding its territory, Jamaica to England. The New world continues to be colonized by England from competition with Spain.

Another Conflicting that helped shape England and Spain colonial effort was in the Seven Years War that began around 1756 to 1763. As the British become a threat due to French losses and in anticipation of the Spanish entering the war, England began to strike Spain. Eventually, the War ended by the Treaty of Paris in which would result in gain and loss from each country. For Spain, they were to hand over Florida to Britain. The interaction between the two colonies resulted in their colonial gains.

The effects of colonization influenced culture and languages to the territories. In the book “Empires of the Atlantic World” by Ellioit, he indicates that the “arrival in America of growing numbers of settlers were trained in common law”(pg. 143). Meaning its influences from the home countries would continue to spread as more territory continues to be colonized. Between England and Spain, their colonial efforts had shaped the developments in the colonies. For example, Each new colony had their own legal and court systems helping build civil societies to regulate relations. In Spanish territories, the royal officials were the ones to impose royal justice and the laws of Castile (pg. 142). On the other hand, English settlers were mainly left on their own (pg. 142). This was an important factor in influencing life in the colonies. The development and interactions of their colonies in the New World dramatically affected each country. From the competitions, it urged the two countries to gain their own colonies and continuing growing. Trading not only benefited the colonists, but also affected their parent colonies by being able to amass an abundance of wealth.

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