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Japanese Internment Camps And The Unethical Behavior

The United States has a history of unethical behavior that affected several American citizens, these events remind us what came before and how we grew to where we are today. A prime example of this can be shown through the Japanese internment camps. The Japanese...

The Discriminatory Actions Of The Japanese Internment Camps

Racism towards Japanese goes way back to 1877 when white settlers excluded the first Japanese man Manzo Nagano in BC, 65 years before the Japanese Internment during WWII. Not to mention, the Provincial Government of British Columbia passed laws that made it hard for Japanese...

The Horrific Tragedies Of Japanese Internment Camps

In the year 1942, Executive Order 9066 was issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and this day denoted the start of the use of Japanese internment camps and denoted the completion of the Japanese populace being seen and viewed as of particular people (Wenger, 2016)....

The Tragic Tale of Japanese Internment Camps in World War Two

World War Two emerged as a momentous conflict pitting the Axis Powers against the Allies. Among the Axis Powers, Japan, a significant participant, carried out a devastating bombing of Pearl Harbor, leading the United States to ally with the forces opposing aggression. Fearful of further...

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