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The Last Stand of Fox Company during the Korean War

The battle known as the "Last Stand of Fox Company" stands as a testament to the extraordinary courage, resilience, and sacrifice displayed by a small group of American Marines during the Korean War. This essay delves into the historical significance of this harrowing battle, examining...

Separating Families During The Korean War

In 1953, Korea’s sudden division tore families apart. The absence of viable solutions for reunification means the pain and plight of separated families remain the most emotional legacies of the Korean War (Source 1 & 4). For 66 years, communication services between the Koreas remain...

Role Of Women In The Korean War

Women have always been the backbone to the success in war. Captain Viola McConnell should be recognized for her outstanding contributions to the Korean War. Often women are overlooked for the accomplishments they have done especially in war. Since the beginning of the first war,...

The Impending Danger of the Korean War and Desire for Peace

Wars have rarely been the solution to prejudices in the history of mankind. Yet wars have always been fought ruthlessly to quench the human desire of domination and power. The obsession to enforce one’s own ideology, and the need to prevail and survive have led...

Portrayal and Depiction of Women in the Korean Literature Influenced by the Korean War

My topic is focus on females in Korean literatures. Korean female's literature is deeply influenced by patriarchy. From the rise of Korean modern novels in the 1920s to the 1990s, Korean female's literature mostly represented females' subordination of the patriarchalism. This subordination is reflected in...

The International Profit and Dependancy of the Korean War

The major downfall of the European and American forces is that they underestimated the Asian forces, and the willingness of China to fight in protection of its interests. They saw the Koreans as an inferior people, and this prejudice led them to believe that they...

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