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The Heroic Deeds of Pilots on the Flight 236

“Would the lead steward please come to the flight deck… immediately” – is one of those in-flight announcements you hear in plane crash movies and would rather never ever hear in reality. Unfortunately, this is what Air Transat Flight 236 passengers had to hear, as...

The Tragic Fate of the Flight 96

Imagine you need to get from Los Angeles to New York. To make it not so painfully long, you choose to take American Airlines Flight 96, with stopovers in Detroit and Buffalo. But several minutes after your plane leaves Detroit, it happens. Seemingly out of...

Following the Path of Becoming a Pilot

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated about planes, everything surrounding them was interesting to me, how they worked, how they looked, how they sounded, and most importantly how could I fly one. As I grew up I had the opportunity to meet...

The Causes of Jet Lag After a Long Travel

Nowadays, we have an easy and accessible way to go far from west to east or vice versa by plane. Traveling far is not a habitual activity for people who have a domestic job or a general nine to five worker but for a specific...

Ways to Improve Flight Scheduling

Due to the significant increase in air travel demands, the issues of flight delay have become more prominent. One of the main contributing factors to this problem is airport capacity. During rush hours, many airports are operating at full capacity. It is impossible to expect...

Travelling From Nigeria to Malaysia

So many Nigerians have been traveling to Malaysia in recent times. You must have noticed the sudden rise in the number of Nigerians embarking on this journey these days. Is the flight that cheap or is it just a facade?Read on to know more about...

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