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George Washington In The Revolutionary War

Introduction In this paper you are going to read, you may find some things about George Washington you may never have known. (Like me) Get ready to read about George Washington! Who was George Washington George Washington was a very important man in the late...

It's All About The Patriots, Not Loyalist In The Postcolonialism

In 1776 we as colonist were faced with the tough decision of what side we were going to take, if the event of a war were to happen. There were three options that we could have taken. The first, was siding with the British, which...

The Battle of Bunker Hill: The Fight for the American Independence

The Battle of Bunker Hill, also known as Breeds Hill, or the Battle of Charlestown took place in Massachusetts June 17th, 1775, where the British were trying to keep control of the city and it’s valuable sea port. This was a battle of bloodshed, a...

How the Patriots Won the Revolutionary War

In the year of 1775, a signal was declared for the commencement of, what we now know as the Revolutionary war. The war was initiated by members of the colonial militia against British soldiers because of a riotous conflict between the two. The small and...

How Americans Started the American Revolution and Obtained Independence

American Revolution had taken place between the years 1775 to 1783 in demand of full independence of American colonists from the shackles of Britain by American patriots. Many political and social abuses from the part of British government finally led to this revolution as a...

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