Reasons Why Leadership And Army Values Are Important

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Leadership and the army profession, what does it mean to be a leader? Being a leader is being someone who can lead by example. It is someone who can lead from the front and be professional at all times. Being a professional in the Army I believe, means to adhere to the standard at all times and to remain vigilant. Leadership is one of the army values and is to me one of the most important ones.

You cannot be a leader if you do not live by the army values. Each army value has its own meeting but leadership has the most important meaning to me. A leader lives by the army profession and they both complement each other. Being a leader is someone who is outspoken and who takes charge without having to be told. A leader is someone who can lead under stressful situations. They live and stand by all of the army values and show their subordinates how to lead from the front.

There are many ways to be successful in showing leadership. One way is building a team and leading that team to success through guidance. Guiding your team through difficulties and being there every step of the way. Having great leadership qualities to your peers will show them how to lead in the future. A great leader does the tasks given and they do it efficiently. They go systematically thoroughly and give their team enough time to do those tasks.

The army profession is important and needs to be used by soldiers every day. Being professional is gaining faith from your peers by being well organized and trustworthy. Professionals guide their members on the right path so they can succeed anywhere. Professionals understand that they may give their life and they may take the lives of others. The army profession unlike others can provide for the American people but not for itself.

The most well know professionals of the army profession are noncommissioned officers (NCO) The NCO maintains discipline instills the army profession throughout the workplace and on the battlefield. NCOs show that we can strengthen trust with the American people and keep that image of professionalism. NCOs are held to a higher standard because they are trusted to keep that professionalism.

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There are five characteristics of the army profession. First is military expertise one must be professional when deployed or overseas. Losing your professionalism while on the battlefield could get you and your battle buddies killed. Not being professional while on a mission hinders those around you. Second is honorable service being willing to fight alongside one another. Your team has your back and they have your back on the battlefield. Third, is building trust amongst others is a high form of professionalism and shows you can be counted on when asked to do something. Fourth, is esprit de corps having high motivation and respecting army traditions showing respect for those who have served and those serving. Being professional to the army’s history and our nation’s history. Finally yet importantly, is stewardship of the profession making the right decisions for today and for tomorrow. It is our duty to care for people, other resources and have the profession entrusted to us by the American people.

Multiple traits make you an army professional. There is character living day-by-day making decisions and living by your actions. Next, is competence living by the standard and having discipline. Finally yet importantly is commitment being committed even if things go wrong or not everything goes as planned. When someone does not have or show these traits, they cannot live by the army profession. These are the basic characteristics that make you an army professional and a leader.

In conclusion, you cannot be a leader if you do not live by all of the army values. Having leadership and living by the army profession complement each other. Being a leader means guiding and mentoring your team. Even through difficulties, be there for your team no matter what. A leader is someone who is outspoken and takes charge when someone needs to step up. Being a leader is having guidance and guiding those, you teach every step of the way. Gaining faith from others and being professional and trustworthy. The most well know professionals are NCOs. There are multiple traits becoming a professional and they are character, competence, commitment. It is very important to live by the army profession and to be a leader throughout your army career.


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