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2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton's Political Campaign

In the 2016 Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection, Hillary was looking for someone that could help attract voters and build leverage. Out of Thomas E. Perez, Senator Cory Booker, James G. Stavridis and Tim Kaine of Virginia, Hillary chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia...

Life and Achievements of Hillary Clinton

People always are eager to share their development expertise, to participate in and contribute to continual improvement, to work intensely towards the attainment of their common objectives. Some of them follow those they can trust and believe in that they will be led towards a...

Analysis of Hillary Clinton's Speech

Hillary Rodham Clinton displayed her discourse 'Ladies' Rights are Human Rights' on September 5, 1995, at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women. Held in Beijing, China, the meeting concentrated on 'Activity for Equality, Development, and Peace' which was an ideal environment for Clinton's message....

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