Essay Samples on Activists

The Short Biography Of Malala

Because my book is a biography of this girl’s life I had trouble writing a summary and a biography for this book because they both sounded very similar. So I decided to combine them into one, I hope this is okay. The author of my...

Malala Yousafzai And Emma Watson

The United Nations hosted both Malala Yousfzai and Emma Watson in different years at the General Assembly to present their campaigns. Watson is a GoodWill ambassador and runs the campaign HeForShe which advocates for gender equality, while Yousafzai fights for the right to education for...

Lokmanya Tilak And His Intellectual Pursuits

Lives of great men are like music, the tunes of which linger in our ears long after they are heard no more. Death snatches an individual from this earth, time draws its veil over him and he becomes a part of the past which grows...

The Struggles of Discovering Your Goal in Life

 Find life goals, because without it the puberty will not be able to find the right way. The power of puberty will be destroyed and ruined. Every trail breaks if the goal is not discovered. There is no attraction for dreams and dreams. If you...

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