The Gun Control Laws As A Law Enforcement Method

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Guns are one of the most infamous inventions of mankind. Although it has been used as protection, safety, and security; guns have been at the heart of crime, violence, and war throughout its introduction. For years, with advancements in technology, guns have been ever more present, reaching even civilian neighborhoods from the most influential countries to the smallest islands all around the world. The power within the barrel of a gun speaks a deeper level than the bullets that comes out of it; guns have always been used to show power within a nation.

In a study done by Zack Beauchamp of the Vox article, “A huge international study of gun control finds strong evidence that it actually works”, he discusses about how new gun control laws have made a significant difference with the safety and protection of civilians. Research has been done to prove that gun control laws actually made a significant change when it came to controlling the guns that are used and bought within a nation. However, some information based on this is insufficient due to the fact that the authors only focused on larger nations where the government hold a strong presence.

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In a CNN report by Jen Christensen, “Gun deaths increasing after years of decline, study finds”, it is reported that deaths by gun violence have steadily increased over the years.This report based mainly on the increasing deaths and injuries occurring over major cities. It proves the point on why the lack of gun control regulations are a growing concern. After years of decline, reports have begun to grow as stocks and suppliers have also increased. Although many countries require a legal license to either sell or handle firearms, it doesn’t stop the illegal trades, and this in turn, accounts for most of the illegally owned firearms by untrained civilians.

In a similar CNN report covered by Carol Costello, “Gun owners are talking about gun control. Stop and Listen.”, she interviews several gun owners who share their opinions and thoughts about gun control regulations. In this modern age, gun owner’s opinion matter as much as civilians who don’t own guns because it allows governments to better understand why and what they use guns for. The different opinions allow an understanding between users and non-users, and also allow governments to develop a better balance on the laws, giving gun owners and non-gun owners equal privileges.

Finally, in an article by VOA News, “How gun control laws compare around the world”, gun control regulations are compared all around the world, showing the differences between major cities and countries in the developing stage. Gun laws differ all around the world, from countries where guns rule the streets, where almost anyone can own a gun, to countries where gun are completely banned. The different gun laws show how diverse nations handle their problem with guns.

Having the ability to control who can and who can’t use guns in this modern world is a task much difficult to handle, even for most governments. Guns are found on almost every corner of the Earth, from the biggest cities to the smallest islands. With the help of gun control laws and regulations, governments can regulate and track the use of guns. Although this may be difficult, it is possible, and could mean the difference between the safety of citizens and certain fatalities.

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