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The Representation of Leon Trotsky and Napoleon in Animal Farm

In this book, “Animal Farm,” written by George Orwell was written to tie towards the 2nd world war. Who is George Orwell? Eric Arthur Blair, also known as George Orwell, was an English book writer. George Orwell was most famous for his novel Animal Farm....

The Aftermath of The Russian Revolution

Following the victory of the Russian Soviet Republic over the Russian Provisional Government in the Russian Civil War, the Soviet Union was established as a federation of 15 socialist republics. IT was led by Vladimir Lenin as a single party state with ideals of Marxism-Leninism...

Critical Discussion of the Rise of Stalin and His Betrayal of Lenin’s Legacy

Introduction Following Lenin’s death in 1924, a competition within the Communist Party characterized the mood of the time, with different members striving to seize leadership of the Soviet Union. This was especially evident in the United/Left Opposition that consisted of leading figures like Trotsky, Kamenev...

Factors that Assisted Stalin During His Rise to Power

Although it appears that the factors which assisted Stalin’s ascent to power were interconnected and equally important, the pivotal reason for Stalin’s rise to prominence was due to the influence of the Party Machine, “His control of the party machinery gave him indirectly control of...

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