Pro Gun Control Movement And Gun Control Law Enforcement

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Gun Control should be regulated that way we will have fewer crimes. Gun control was established in the USA in 1968 to prohibit most felons, drug users and people that were mentally from buying any type of guns. Gun control is a big deal for us, civilians, since this year 2019 the biggest impact that they had was the mass shootings, especially in schools, most of them were high School and Malls. The year 2019 made a lot of people to really think about either supporting Gun Control or go against it. Gun Control impact our society in many different ways for example where I live, there are too many gangs and most of them have guns with them at all times and it is not a safe place to be in and Gun Control law doesn't even exist or matters to them since they get their guns in many different illegal ways.

Gun Control has been a law about 52 years already. Gun control is a controversial issue since there are people who support gun control and on the other side, there are people that are against it. About 64% of people support Gun Control while on the other side about 29% are against it. Even though Gun Control is a law that makes it hard for people to get guns many people find other ways to get it without going through all the requirements that will allow them to have a firearm. In 1982, there was only one mass shooting reported and compared to now 2019.

About almost 300 of them happened just in one year that’s huge different. Many people want to have guns with them for self-defense. The United States has 120 guns per 100 people (pro and con 1). This means that a high percentage of the people in the US owns a gun. On February 20, 2018, Quinnipiac poll, 97% of Americans voters and 97% of gun owners support universal background checks (pro and con 1). To summarize a high percentage of people in our own guns for self-defense and keep their family safe and their homes a safer place where their family can actually call a safe place. Indeed, many people might think that having a gun will keep you safe but in reality why do people have guns and want to fight to kill each other? Can't we just not have guns and that way there's nothing to be afraid of.

We should make another law that will make it more difficult for people to acquire guns. Roughly 371 million firearms were owned by US civilians and domestic law enforcement in 2014. Of those, about 146 million or 39% were handguns (Gun Control-Just Facts). That was in 2014 and now think about how much has that number increased in a difference of 5 years. Based on this information the Government of the US should really think of some new ideas of laws that will help to control the sale of guns. Nowhere in the world is gun control more controversial than in US (Duignan 1). In summation since the US is the main place where the gun is a big issue, why not just think about of US to be talked about but good things not negatives things like Guns?. Furthermore research on Gun Control there's about 572,537 total gun death between 1999 and 2016, 336, 579 thousand were suicides (Pro and Con 1). To illustrate how many people died from firearms were talking about the amount of population of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is 560,218. In addition Mass murder committed with guns is so frequently that the vast majority of them are not even questioned in mainstream media outlets (Duignan). Obviously it won't affect a lot of people that much since one of their family or someone they know was not involved in those incidents where people end up getting killed. As a result of how many people have died from firearms from 1999 to 2016 that a huge number.

Ultimately, they should really do something about gun control because it affecting our young kids who are growing up and seem all those mass shootings happening and have been mainstream and they might make them think that they should do the same thing because they are being bullied in school and wants to do something that will stop them from getting bullied. In particular, fifteen Americans younger age of 20 died from gunfire every day (Kim 1). Similarity, the widely known stores are a big target for mass shootings. El Paso, Texas on August 3 where 22 people were killed and 24 wounded while shopping at Walmart. Mass shootings mostly happen in school in present day. Between the years 2005 and 2010 1.4 million guns were stolen from US homes during property crimes (pro and con). Any of those guns could and eventually get to the hands of teenagers. “Teenagers and young adults face especially night risk of being murdered with a firearm” (Kim 61). In the end, it may come back to guns, too many wacko kids to bonkers a culture were shooting others becomes a TV fantasy (Kim 22). Therefore why not act quickly and help out the young kids that when they go to school they don't think about their school being distributed with a gun by some other kid and they have been scared to be in school and thinking it not a safe place.

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In conclusion, the laws of Gun Control should be changed because there are too many people that have died from firearms. A lot of us civilians own guns and some of them even get robbed and guns have been stolen. About 1.4 million firearms were stolen between 2004 and 2010. Young kids are being involved more with guns since 2019 was a big year of the mass shooting and most of them happened in school, especially in High school. Kids seems to be the one behind the cruelty acts because some of them had been bullied and couldn't take it anymore so they decide to do something that seemed to be shooting up their school.

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