How Internet of Things Has Impacted Individuals and Society

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The concept of IoE impacts society and individuals in certain ways. Problems such as Pollution can be reduced once IoE is widely used. Things that are used within roads, such as traffic lights can change in order to become better controlled and perfected through IoE, the use of smart traffic lights can also notify the city council if there is any problem, this efficiently keeps the traffic lights up to its best abilities. IoE has the potential to reduce a lot of different types of waste. Using smart meters and sensors that will automatically turn off AC units is also another way of reducing costs as well as electricity usage.This creates a huge improvement within the environment and within organisations. Organisations may use IoE for the convenience of saving time, a prime example of this may be the use of smart lights, this also may save electricity as it will be used more often to turn off lights, another example would be used within working environments where time is crucial, smart lights can be used in order to use time efficiently.

One type of waste is food. Examples such as smart freezers effects this. The use of smart freezers has the power to control several things. From how much food will need to be bought, whether the food is still fresh or not and can save food from being wasted. The use of this impacts individuals as it saves their money and time long term. Something that is also very helpful is the use of fire detecting within kitchens, this can save individuals from dangerous situations. IoE makes security stronger within homes.Safety is shown through several ways, another way in which IoE may display this is through the emergency services, they are able to respond much faster to emergencies, examples could have sensors which are used for fires. Smart vehicles used for emergency services such as ambulances or police cars can be used by the services in order to track its movements to make sure everything is ready for the situations they may need to deal with.

Another example in which IoE is used is in neighbourhoods, council houses have heating and lighting and it is monitored. They are controlled through the use of sensors, they are able to note if the area is in use, this is used through movement sensing. IoE covers a wide range of positive impacts as well as negative impacts, the positive impacts range from the high speed being available, low costing networks and it enhances the services provided, an example of this is education. A range of manufacturers seem to lack standards. Google or samsung for example are creating their own smart IoE systems.

IoE and Humans

The major changes Internet of Everything has is a very large influence to humans in multiple different ways. A large example is the use of IoE in areas such as services, like police stations and hospitals, the use of IoE dramatically impacts the speed in which people’s lives move at, IoE is able to make these areas work smoother.

IoE and the society

IoE has major influences to several cities which use it. It adds things such as a street light sensors, they are a prime example of IoE within the society, the use of street lights having sensors keeps a safe environment, another smart device is a thermostat this can be used for controlling heating within the home, IoE cameras can also display crime going on, and can also notify the police, this can over all keep a safer environment and serve justice.


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IoE impacts the city in multiple ways, one way in which the city is impacted is smart traffic lights. The lights change at a set speed, this allows traffic to move at a certain rate which is convenient, as the lights are connected to the internet, their will be a better flow of data as people can control it, another positive impact may be that if a driver does drive past a red light, the opposite light may not turn green until the driver has completely crossed the road, this is a very efficient way of keeping drivers safe and stopping any car accidents from occuring.

Another application that impacts the city is the use of smart bus stop’s, this transfers information to users devices which can be beneficial as it gives a user an estimated time, this information can give accurate information which an individual can use to their advantage, however one problem may be any chances of inaccurate timing, or a timing that is far off in comparison to the real time, this may cause an inconvenience. Google maps is another application which can be very useful to users as it can guide individuals, real time traffic updates can be made for redirecting, this can help individuals in advance so that they can reach their destinations on time with ease, it is portable, and is available on almost all devices, a negative impact may be that the application may cause confusion and misunderstanding, an example of this may be that users may be provided the wrong address they didn’t initially request.


An example where the environment is affected by IoE is through smart bins, this is where a new design of bins have been placed around, data is processed and transferred once a bin is full, this can then give the local council a notification, thus resulting in a cleaner area, as the device is connected to the internet, this can make communication between people and the device faster, there will be no need for physical monitoring, this will result in saving a lot of time. Weather monitoring impacts the environment strongly, this can give users updates on weather, this can also make drivers aware if the conditions are bad, this can overall keep a better environment as this will reduce chances of accidents, people will also be able to make decisions based on the weather for example the choice of clothing. IndustryWithin the industry, smart lights are used, they can be used through an application o r a device that can connect to the internet, they can also have timers, set to however long a user wants, this means that this will save energy, reduce energy usage as it is fast and easy to turn the lights on and off, it is also convenient for offices where a switch may be too far away, resulting in loss of valuable time.

There are variables used, for example users will have the choice to change the brightness of the light, if necessary, lights can be dimmed for whatever reason, this will also save energy, although smart lights have many positives, a significant drawback may be the fact that if a user does not have access to their device, adjusting, or using the smart light may not be available. The use of smart cameras within offices can also be used to efficiently keep eyes on what is happening with ease, this can improve security within their office, however a problem could be that these cameras can be hacked into. Online banking is another application that is widely used now, it is very convenient as a user can access their bank details from home, they can also make payments and receive payments very quickly, this can be useful if a user is in a certain situation, as online banking is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. A large problem within online banking is, identity theft and operator error. Another small problem may be the fact that there is a learning curve, this may take time to navigate. HomeIoE is used widely within the home, a smart meter is an example, the use of a smart meter gives information such as, how much water or gas has been used, this gives an accurate estimation of how much has been spent, this can help the user in advanced, so they know how much money they will need to spend. They’re officially replacing normal meters as they give more accurate readings, the use of an application can also be used to check if necessary, an advantage is that it will improve home security, this is because no one will need to check the meter from the company, this means there will be no chance of any intruders, pretending to be apart of the company, a negative impact may be the fact that it can be hacked, this can cause financial problems for the user as a hacker could increase the amount used.

A smart fridge is another IoE device that is used within the home, this can save the user money overtime as the smart fridge can notify the user of any products going out of date, the fridge may also notify about the space within the fridge, this can be useful for users during shopping, another advantage is that the user can be notified about any products they may need, for example during shopping they will be able to keep a list of what is needed. A smart heater can monitor temperature, this is a large impact within home’s as the smart heater can automatically turn on with the use of temperature, a user can set when the heater can turn on, or at what temperature. Another advantage is that the temperature of the heat can be controlled by you.Body People are individually affected by IoE in numerous ways, one way is through smart watches, they are devices that use similar software to smartphones, the device can send and receive messages, check information such as the weather or the time, this creates a convenient experience for users, the use of internet helps to deliver information from devices, and example is a fitbit, these devices are able to supply information about the users health, this is effective as users will not need to specifically go to the doctors to find out this information, this saves both a doctor and patients time, meaning doctors can save time.

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