The Way How Google Single-handedly Makes Our Society Lazy, Both Physically And Mentally

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In an era where all the world’s information is at our finger tips, it is very difficult to imagine life before the internet. Google can challenge your life for many reasons, it effects your brain, test scores, physical activities, jobs, mental health, and conveniences to our generation. Over the years, technology has advanced quickly, and has completely changed the way we live. Today, the thought of the internet having slow connection gives people anxiety attacks. The world relies on Google and the outcome that it provides us. You can research online in seconds versus going to the library and searching in books. The real question, is google single-handily making our society lazy, both mentally and physically? Despite the research, there is no doubt that the internet changes the way people think and act.

In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, the author described how the internet has affected our attention span and overall thinking. Our brain is malleable and is being changed overtime with the use of the internet. The societies have become so simple minded, that we rely on other people to do work for us. In this article, Carr made an argument many people did not comprehend. He claimed the internet had affected how human beings processed information in the brain. People are using the internet more than their actual brains. “… as we come to rely on computers to mediate our understanding of the world, it is our own intelligence that flatters into artificial intelligence.” (Carr 2008). The amount of information that world has access to, is astounding. Their consumption of it is much greater than it used to be back in the day. “Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts.” (Carr 2008). Back in the day, people used type writers and went to the library instead of Googling their answers. When you read something and actually type it out, you comprehend much more information. Carr described how we don’t comprehend as much information as we used to. He also brings up how our younger generation has been affected by this tremendously. This proceeded to their test scores and them learning academically. Younger adults never grew up going to the library or having to search for their answers. The younger population in today’s world has become extremely lazy. To sum up Carr’s beliefs, he believes that Google in fact is causing our society to depend on Google which is making us stupid.

Google has impacted learning in many ways. The first thing that I am going to discuss is, SAT and ACT scores. Research shows that from 1996 to 2018 the average critical reading test scores have decreased. When people are about to take these life changing tests, they usually Google ways to get the highest grade or how to get the highest scores. Google was introduced to the world in 1998 when it hit the internet. Many people were amazed how you could look up anything. The people were so happy, because they didn’t have to go to the libraries to get their answers. The article, “Average SAT Scores for Past Years”, shows us how Google has really affected our brains. We as a society are so used to not looking for answers, instead we get on our phones and the answer is right there. This article states, that Google has in fact decreased the way we think, and it making our education suffer.

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Did you ever wonder how your grandparents never worked out and they always stayed healthy? Instead of texting or getting on their phones, they would actually walk and talk to us. Today, we are so focued on the easiest way out. In the article, “How Technology is Affecting Physical Activity”, Normand Richard explains how we depend on technolgy. For example, if we want to go workout, most likely we Google a work out to do at home. Another example is, if we want to learn how to play a sport, we Google how to. I played soccer for twelve years and it was all I thought about. When I wanted to look up plays or different skills, I would always Google it. We as a society do not get to expereince going out and learning a specific task. We are so overwhelemd with the information at our hands that we have given up on learning. I have experienced this throughout my life, and I hope that the world has the eager to learn again.

Most everybody in the world has a job, whether it’s a fast-food manager or a lawyer. The job’s in today’s culture depends on technology and its sources. When we have struggles in our job or we can’t figure something out, most likely we will Google it. In the article, “How Technology Is Destroying Jobs”, Rotman is showing us how much we use Google in our daily jobs. “I believe that rapid technological change has been destroying jobs faster than it is creating them…” (Rotman 2017). Rotman has been doing research about Google for ten years, and he states that Google is destroying the jobs in America. Throughout the world, most jobs are on the computer, and without Google the world would be lost. This is affecting our learning skills and we never learn how to do the job right. Research shows that 89% of people at their jobs look something up on Google daily. Without the use of Google, some people would be jobless. I believe that within 50 years, Google and it’s technology will take over America and its demand for jobs.

In the article, “Dr. Google” Daniel Robinson conducted 9,236 Google searches about anxiety and panic attacks. This is 298 searches per day. Google has been affecting our mental health since it first hit the internet in 1998. “A Missouri University of Science and Technology studied various types of internet usage found that Google can lead into depression symptoms” (Robinson 2017). The majority of people have gone through something traumatic in their life, and the use of internet increases the chance of not getting better. For example, if you don’t feel good and you Google your symptoms, it could tell you something wrong. Perhaps after that, you go into panic mode and you think you have a serious illness. Google changes people’s thoughts in a negative way and is influencing the way they think.

Google is taking over the world drastically. Google recently linked up with Amazon’s “Alexa”, so when you ask, “Hey Google”, you can ask any question and it gives you the answer. In the article, “Creepy or Convenient” Jefferson Graham describes how Google is making changes to be more efficient in a person’s everyday life. Around 40% of the American household owns Alexa’s and use them around seven times a day. This shows us how Google is trying to increase their usage, even if it is on a speaker. Research shows that when you use this speaker, Google records any voices that go on in your house or work area. Alexa keeps records of your voice throughout their system. They are trying to take over the world with their new technology.

Today, we looked at how Google is affecting our brain, SAT/ACT scores, physical activities, jobs, and conveniences to our generation. The research shown above shows us that Google is in fact making us not think and making us not as intelligent. When we have information at our finger tips, it often does not make us think as much. The only thing we think about is, what to search in the Google search bar. This shows us how much we use technology in a day to day life. In the next generation, the society isn’t going to know what books are or dictionaries. They could just insert it into their device and get the answers right there.  

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