Diving Into Dark Web: Delving Deep Into The Dark Side Of The Internet

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The Deep Web is so large for search engines to cover completely. So, the Deep Web is the long tail of what’s left out of the whole Internet. The dark web subset of deep web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks which use the public Internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. Dark Web is definitely used for nefarious purposes more than the standard Internet; there are many legitimate uses for the Dark Web as well. Legitimate uses include things like using various technologies to anonymize reports of domestic abuse, government regulations, military operations, and other crimes that have serious consequences for those calling out the issues.

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The internet is biggest network existing around the world. it is divided into 3 part surface web,deep web and dark web the content you surf over the internet using search engines like Google,yahoo, bring etc are the part of the surface web, statistically surface web is only 4% of the whole internet remaining 96% of the internet is deep web. This section is very vast on the internet and it is not accessible via regular search engines.

Deep web has thousand terabytes information. the internet looks like on ice berg, upper base not so much submerged is a surface web and beneath major submerged part of on ice berg is deep web in one can also consider deep web as filthy caves dare enter. Technically deep web pages are not indexed by basic search engines coming to dark web, it is a danger corner of a deep web mostly used for illegal activities like drug trading, arms and ammunition supply, illegal transactions and many more things one cannot imagine.

Dark web are known by various terms like cyber attacker paradise, black dark market, etc. In market there are special operating systems and browsers to access dark side of the internet. Operating systems like Kali Linux, Parrot, etc and browsers like TOR, WHONIX, etc. Websites surfing over TOR browser usually have an extension.onion. There are lots of bad people uses it for doing criminal activities like tracking people’s location, stalking them, doing weird things like force someone to watch one video while at the same time everything else on your computer is frozen.

Technologies Used to Access Dark Web

Accessing dark web is easy, but easier to get database or caught, so better precautions has to be take. But precaution is do not access it. As machine Dark web is subset of deep web contain hidden market accessing it can be done by using TOR browser which is most widely wed. Dark net sit, mostly belong to onion domain.

First of all taking security very seriously you have to get VPN for writing Dark net websites. One also should have knowledge that you cannot fool ISP and law enforcement people that they will not be able to track you. They are master at it so don’t make cakewalk for then. Using VPN your activities will reach hidden from government agencies people, all information flowing through VPN will be encrypted. VPN also help you to protect you own personal identity, files from your computer. After that you can’t access dark web using common browser, specifically browses, hone been designed for his purpose. Once of the famous browser of dark internet world is TOR official website is available to download it.

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After installing you will be able to gain access to onion domain websites securely also having a good level of anonymity one can go through a list of dark net websites also known as block market sites of deep web apart from dark sites one can get tons of knowledge of hocking like penetration testing, gain control area computer system,backdoor programs, launch man in the middle attacks, ARP poisoning and many more.

Outrageous Things Available on Dark Web

Dark web is not only place where bad thing happens, some time it is also use for good activities. Apparently as name given to it dark web most of the time it is used for dreadful activities. List is long but some of the activities one can do or things you can buy are:

  • Selling fake brand product
  • Selling buying weapons illegally
  • Dealing of drugs
  • Hacking of social networking sites
  • Making face drivers license or passport
  • Blank credit cards
  • Exploiting and creating mirror website of e-commerce website
  • Stolen cars
  • Wi-Fi hacking
  • Stealing Netflix accounts
  • Dealing with bit coins
  • Fake college degree
  • Hacking of government data

Cyber Crime in Dark Web

Cybercrime which the crime is the crime that involves a computer and a network. That computer or particular networks have been used to conduct crime or to target particular network or data. Cybercrime are define as a offence which are done by individuals or groups with criminal motive with intention to harm the victim to cause by physical or mentally. The cybercrime has become the high profile and their types are hacking, unwanted-surveillance, sexortion, child pornography and child grooming, some are privacy or confidential,some are psychologically and physically (cybercrime against the womens).Cybercrimes also in nationally or internationally which harm the nation or country.

Now-a-days, the dark web has highly preferred for cybercrimes, dark web is a part of internet which is not indexed by the search engine. This dark web has the hotbed for the criminals to have the activity of frauds, hacking or many more. In this everything is illegal. It becomes easier to become a cybercriminals to snag a data or a share of billions of dollars lost through the fraud by US year. Research into dark web market pricing says that powerful malware, readymade phishing pages and password crackers for popular brands, and an incredible hacking tool are also used and that are sold on the dark markets for just few dollars.

Most powerful items found were remote access Trojans (RAT). This malware allows the scammers to take the fully advantages of the victim and fully remote control of their victim’s computer. It also discovered RATs on the android operating system, which is written in python and visual basic. We found the notorious Blackshades RATs which are infected over half millions devices and its creator in jail. This also allows hackers include infected computer in a botnet. Another dominat cyber attack vector is Phishing, it surprise the enterprising hackers which sells the readymade spoof pages for hundreds of popular brands which are ranging from Apple and Netflix from walmart, Dunkin’Donuts of minecraft and League of Legends. Statistics shows that how much customers are targeted by this thieves gets the package of identifying the information that enables for theft.

Easily Accessible Platform on Darkweb

To become a hacker doesn’t need to bother to learn hacking, one can easily configure their password cracking tool to attack their target sites with the help of darkweb. Readymade configuration files or list of sites also proliferate on the dark web markets for $2 to $3 each.

Using existing platform available on darkweb, the theft and hacks of the data becomes the cybercriminal’s bread and butter. As we see that, we enables our personal information in its raw form for the use of bank account, credit card account which criminals get easy to theft the data using tools. Cybercriminal can be individual or in group. An individual cybercriminal make a half of million dollars yearly simply by trafficking, hacking or stealing the data.


The darkweb will continue to scale up and mesmerize everyone who uses the internet. It contains an captivating amount of knowledge that could help us evolve technologically. And of course, it has disadvantages too which can exploit human life in many ways. The darknet which is giving way to enormous illegal activities providing platform, which is forcing the law enforcing agencies worldwide to use new unconventional methods to track these cyber criminals. Regardless of if the Dark Web exists or not, the aforementioned activities will still occur. So as on end user side, we should take a protection of our personal data seriously. Ignorance will create vulnerabilities to our personal as well as professional life.

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