What Is Your American Dream

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The American Dream is a lifestyle, or a wish someone hopes to succeed in or meet in their life. It is just a dream that people have because they feel as they could never succeed in life and don’t have many opportunities. People start to get caught up in their dream and lose their sight of reality. They lose their own humanity. This can sometimes cause traumatic events for them or the family. The American Dream can seem childish to people depending on the circumstance. Scott Fitzgerald's book The Great Gatsby gives an insight into the idea of the American dream. Fitzgerald made up the term the “Gatsby Curve”. It is simply the failure of an American Dream. Fitzgerald is against the American Dream because people do not focus on their happiness and mental stability. They are too focused on something that is bigger than them rather than realizing what is true and realistic. Paradox and Dream by John Steinbeck states his opinion as agreeing but disagreeing towards the American Dream. With James Truslow Adams’ Understanding The American Dream, he states his opinion as agreeing with the American Dream.

The American Dream a hope or lifestyle of one’s perspective, has caused many to lose their sight of reality because of obsession, materialistic society, and being dependent of something that won’t benefit them in the future.The American Dream is exactly what is said. It is a dream in which people want to meet in their life. The best way to explain the American Dream would be immigrants coming to America. They want to be away from poverty, hatred, and goes toward freedom. Coming to America would their ticket into the best life they could dream of. However, dreams don’t always come true, some immigrants may not reach their destination and could face life or death later on. The American Dream has its consequences, but some are willing to take them to reach the point they want to be in life. In Understanding the American Dream by James Truslow Adams, he states the American Dream as a goal or a hope. Immigrants are mentioned saying they wanted to be free from their home country. They wanted to explore and be happy. Their American Dream was their home that they were to find comfort. Do you ever wonder, what is your american dream?

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We lose our sense of reality when we believe something far too greater than our perspective. In our lives, we look up to people who are far greater than us. It gives us a sense of comfort or being cared for. With religion, people worship their God as something so amazing and unexplainable, but they will give their lives to their God. Religion drives people with the American Dream. There are places where others aren’t allowed to worship their God. They can be exiled or even humiliated. Sometimes people can become too obsessed with them and lose their own humanity. That could be called love and loyalty to their God, however, it can become a problem where it changes their entire life into something that won’t be needed for them. Being so loyal to them could end up to them listening to them and maybe acting out and causing something traumatic to happen. This is where personal beliefs come into play. In our lives, we can become selfish and believe everything we say is true. Many wouldn't believe in facts but only believe in hearsay; it leads us to be unaware of what life really is. On the other hand, this could be people just being ignorant. Being ignorant isn’t always as bad as it is said. It means to be unaware of what is happening all around us.

But when someone becomes too ignorant, they lose themselves and become close-minded, ignorance can cause us to really lose who we are and maybe lead us to our death. The American Dream could end up tearing apart humanity. As a community, there are all sorts of people around us. Some chose their own path in life while others become followers of other people. There can be major consequences to both of these types of people. Yes, it is amazing to be yourself and to never let anyone tell you who you need to be. This is when you’re able to live your life as you want it. To be able to live your “dream”. When it comes to dreaming, we tend to over dream. It comes down to where we have problems seeing what is real and what is not. We become obsessed woth the idea of being more than we truly are. When multiple people do this in one community, this can through off thr balance of scoiety; because nothing would seem real anymore. In some cases, our family can be the cause for this, knowing we grew up with them for most of our life, they know every detail about us. Sometimes their own words will lead us to our failure. Whether you were the last kid to be chosen to play kickball, and your parents say “ they don’t know your potential” but in reality, that one kid could never amount to anything in the future. As sad as it is to say, this is true. We listen to everyone around us rather than ourselves. Our parents lie to us, they don’t want to hurt us, so lying would be the best way to go. But lying can lead us to failure; when we are told lies, we can set ourselves for soemthing that will never satisfy us.

We just want to survive in this world and be successful. In other cases there may be a positive effect. However, in our society as of now, there is rarely any hope for us. We have grown up in a world when everyhting is usualy handed to us. We are the snowfalke generation, which means we are not accounted for our actions, we are spoiled, and really wouldn’t be able to survive in this world. We become obbessed with objects around us that we believe will satisfy our every need. That this will lead us to where we should be in life. And this falls under the differences between needs and wants. They believe they can do it later, but they don’t make the chocies to get closer to their American Dream. This generation has become lazy and doesn’t prioritize anymore. It’d be too much for them, so they’d rather sit on the couch and wait for it to come to them. They want everything to be easy, but don’t realize what they need. How is someone suppossed to reach that point in their life if they can’t act mature and see from multiple perspectives. It has everything to deal with materialistic obession. These onjects will never make them truly happy. Money, cars, clothes, etc. are just objects that won’t help them in the end. The American Dream as a whole can be represented as materialistic obession. You crave this sense of the lavish life, ands hope for better, but rarley work for it. In the end you may not even succeed.

We are young people full of hope in a terrible society, we wait for the day when we will be greater than we would ever be; Our facination of this picture we so greatyly wish to see in front of us instead of imagining leads us to consequences. We rely on what see in front rather than use everything around us, the American Dream has died because of our mistakes and may truly never regain its meaning ever again.   

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