Similarities Between The Great Gatsby and Winter Dream

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As we have learned, “Winter Dream” was written by the same author of “The Great Gatsby”. Both of them shows the relationship between a young beautiful girl and a young boy who was born in poor family but turned out to be rich through their own hardworking. It makes this two diferent story have several similar theme such as Love and American Dreams.

In my opinion, the theme of Love has taken a really large part in both stories, there are some features that both of them contain. The main structure of the relationship between those main characters stays the same. In “ The Great Gatsby”, Daisy met Gatsby when they were both in a really young age and fall in love in a really fast speed. Also Gatsby knew that a lot of people wanted Daisy, and Daisy represented everything that he wanted at that time. Dexter met Judy when he was still working in the golf club, at that time Judy was rich. When Dexter fall in love with Judy, Dexter knew that Judy had more than one lover. Daisy and Judy had husbands that were so alike. For example, that both of these two men did not treat Daisy and Judy well. Daisy and Judy both had a kid that their husbands did not seem like pay a lot of attention on.

However, things can be so different with the theme of Love. Daisy was a totally different person from Judy. Even though both of them had shown that they wanted comfort life and really loved money, Daisy was not as greedy as Judy was. When Daisy and Gatsby were together, she did not care about how much money does Gatsby have, because we all know that Gatsby was covering his family by the uniform and author did not write anything about Daisy was forcing Gatsby tell her his background. In ”Winter Dream”, there was a totally different case. Judy showed her interest toward Dexter after she knew that Dexter was rich, and she was talking about leaving another guy because he was poor. Daisy was much more loyal towards the one she loved than Judy was. Daisy was only loved Tom for a very short period after she married with him. Judy was containing 11 or 12 lovers when she was in a relation with Dexter and she even said that she wanted to get married with Dexter. In my perspective,maybe the differences between these two main female characters were directly related to Gatsby was still in love with Daisy and willing to go find her when he knew that Daisy was married, but Dexter was not.

There is another theme that both of the stories shared which is American Dreams. Both Gatsby and Dexter achieved their American Dreams which was getting a lot of money. Both of them was intelligent, hardworking, and lucky enough. The reason why I had also added luck into the reason why they achieved their American Dreams is Dexter’s father was able to support him get high level education from a famous university and Gatsby had an old gentleman who treated Gatsby as his own son and Gatsby was able to univercity for a year when he was still in the army.

There are differences between Gatsby’s American Dream and Dexter’s. First of all, Gatsby was richer than Dexter. From both of the stories, New York was the richest city in America during that time. Gatsby was one of the richest guy in New York, and Dexter was just the owner of several laundries. Also, the business that they chose to achieve their dreams were different. Gatsby was working with illegal stuff such as alcohol, but Dexter was working on laungdries. Both “The Great Gatsby” and “Winter Dreams” was telling stories about Loe and American Dreams. They are similar in the structure of the story and the reason why both Gatsby and Dexter achieved their American Dream, but there are so many things that’s different from each other.

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