The Great Gatsby: Student's Analysis

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Nick said that today to meet Tom's adversary. Sunday afternoon, Nick is riding a train to NY with Tom. Through ash-heaps Tom is dragging Nick down from the train and said "I want you to meet my girlfriend". At that time, Nick knew that Tom was drinking. They walk through it, there are only a small building with 3shops inside. The store has a rental. Another late night restaurant. The third is the garage of George B. Wilson. Nick goes to Tom. George was teasing until a woman came down. Nick is estimated that she is not pretty. But she is very good. She came down and bit her mouth.

Then George ordered the chair to sit. When George went to pick up a chair in the office. Tom said "I want to meet you". Then invited her to visit NYtogether and come out. She told me that her husband did not know it. During the trip, the dog was bought byTom. To Tom's dorm at 158th Street, Nick decides to go home. But Tom wants Nick up on the dorm. She said that she would call her sister Catherine. Nick is up about this. Inside, drink whiskey. Tom's Suite with her by the adults and know her name is Myrtle. Nick comes down to buy Sika. Back to sit andwait for guests. Then meet Catherine Nick is leaning against the gold 30. And there's another man called Chester McKee from the flat. I want to shave it. Soap is offline. Nick later realized that a photographer wasdepicted I'm not sure what to say. I do not like this, but she is handsome. She said that since she married herhusband take are very much. Then say to her sister that the people use it to save money. Have to be careful. She talk to much until I hit Tom. The room was quiet. And her husband came and took her away. The story of the men next to the queue next Manu. The salt children eat the ice that is not good. Then she went to the kitchen. I will order food. Cat came to sit with Nicky, and then asked if he knew Gaby wasgoing to the party. And then gossiping Tom. Myrtle hear that. The annoying noise was a second round. Auntsays that she is almost married wrong. Cat was arguing that George had been crazy for a while. She pointed atNick, everyone was looking at Nick for her expression. Then everyone drank. I went to sit next Myrtle story ofher romance with Tom.

When she was looking for Kat at NY, she sat on the train opposite Tom. Tom and Tomare starting to touching, and Tom is going to tell the police. They look together. So, I went to a taxi with Tom,and I said that. "You can not live forever; you can not live forever". Nick sees Chester, Mr. McKee falls asleep. Nick took a handkerchief to wipe the soap stains on Chester's face. Midnight over Tom and Nigel quarrelBecause to say about the daisy.

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