My Motivation To Study Computer Science And Mathematics At University

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To me, Maths is one of the most fascinating subjects. I enjoy it as it requires a high level of rigor, clear logical flow, and requires me to critically analyze all statements, even my own. Calculus and sequences, in particular, interest me due to the number of practical applications they have. For example, calculus can help companies determine the output at which cost per unit can be minimized, while sequences can help the average person effectively plan finances and savings. My interest in H2 Maths drove me to pursue the H3 Maths course. This course has broadened my mathematical horizons by requiring higher level of abstraction, rigour, and logic skills. After my A levels, during National Service, I plan to further my knowledge by reading various books, starting with “Mathematical Analysis” by Tom Apostol. I also plan to take online programming courses in Python to improve my technical skillset.

Outside school, I regularly have tutored underprivileged children in the Salvation Army Haven near my home. In 2016 I also spent 3 weeks in an NGO in rural India teaching basic Math to women so that they could manage their finances. During these 3 weeks, I was largely on my own. Being born in India, I spoke fluent Hindi and was able to handle myself, but beyond that I was able to make friends with locals and manage myself very well. This instilled a great deal of confidence that I could handle living abroad, and could handle going out of Singapore to the UK to attend university.

Apart from Maths, I am also interested in Physics, mainly due to the application of Maths involved which has allowed me to interpret the equations as well as the natural laws they describe. My interest in Physics led me to join my school’s Astronomy club, where I learned basic Astrophysics as well as improved my knowledge in topics such as conics. Experiences like these showed me how well two disciplines can complement each other, and how learning one can greatly contribute to my understanding of the other.

Computer Science and Mathematics are two such disciplines. Pursuing computer science will provide me with transferable skills and a set of tools that can be used to solve many problems. The highly logical thought process, and greater mathematical knowledge, provided by a focused study of math will allow me to better apply, and use the tools provided by computer science to come up with effective solutions. While I still do not know exactly what career path I intend to pursue after university, I do know that this course is where my passion lies, and that pursuing it in university will provide me with a strong foundation and future.

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