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The emergence of digital technology has changed the way things are done leading to a dramatic change in the economy of the nation. Similarly, there is a significant change in the digital architecture of the industry. The disruption in digital technology is changing the way businesses function. The future belongs to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the backbone of artificial intelligence. We cannot achieve predictive functions for enterprises if there is no machine learning. Machine learning is a technique, or it is an algorithm by which computers learn from data without being programmed. They analyse the data stored in them and develop an algorithm themselves to perform certain sets of actions when the similar datasets are fed.

Many types of research are saying that the future belongs to machine learning. Most of the redundant tasks shall be removed. They will be taken care of by the machine. We humans will focus our energy on more intellectual work. In the future machine will be able to see, read, listen, understand and interact. SAP Leonardo is a way forward in the direction to bring automation of repetitive tasks and allowing employees the time to focus on more productive and important tasks. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning helps the industry achieve greater business outcomes like the increase in revenue, re-imagine processes, quality work time, and greater customer satisfaction. It also brings innovations to the company. The drastic change in the digital infrastructure by using SAP Leonardo Machine Learning gives your industry a competitive edge over the others. It will be a game changer for the enterprises.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning-Importance

Many question why machine learning now. The innovation in the digital world is rapid and there is a significant transformation in both hardware and software of computing systems. The processors are fast and process trillions of data within a few seconds. There is a possibility of deep learning algorithms. Today, billions of datasets are generated within every organization. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning transforms the entire digital ecosystem of the organization. It offers you the opportunities to scale new heights and explore hidden possibilities within the organization. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning analyzes all the input that system received in the organization. The inputs are received in various forms like text; image, video, speech, etc. are taken and stored in the system. The data are analyzed and prepared. They are processed and modelled for particular and specific work tasks. The output is tested in the real-time situation and feedbacks are captured. SAP Leonardo Machine learning understands the importance of data and believes in the transformation of enterprise data into business value. The focus is on giving an edge over the competitors by helping in reducing cost to the enterprises, bringing innovations in the entire process and ensuring retention of your customer. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning has conversational interfaces which integrate smoothly with intelligent apps to offer smart services. It has a robust data science platform built-in to capture data. The system is made to re-imagine processes and enable innovations in the entire industry. Some of the applications of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning are brand intelligence; resume matching, customer retention insights, cash applications, etc. It is changing the way businesses are done.

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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning- Infinite Capabilities

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning offers you a wide portfolio of capabilities which can be applied on various organizational levels. It integrates easily with the existing applications like SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Business Integrity Screening, SAP cash application, etc. The intelligent services offered by the SAP Leonardo help developer in various ways. It has inbuilt intelligent services like text/document services for sentiment analysis, image/ video services for image classification. The speech/audio services help in voice recognition. The predictive services enables in proper forecasting. The time series analysis offers structured data services. There is a graph service for link recommender. The idea behind providing all these services is to help the developer. They could do more productive work in less time. Their main focus should be on analysis of data, pattern rather than the assembling of data. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning not only helps the developer it is a boon to the data scientist as well. There is a data science platform which is capable of completing work tasks such as data exploration, data integration, data preparation, in-application deployment, lifecycle management, ML Model creation, etc. The wide range of in-built applications increases the efficiency of in-house data scientists. The entire digital infrastructures are easily integrated with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Platform. SAP Leonardo is about innovation. The innovation is the bedrock of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning. It brings measurable value in weeks instead of years. The structure is built to move from brainstorming to blueprint quickly. The ideas are processed in SAP Leonardo centres for design thinking and innovation - the rapid prototyping of ideas taking place at SAP Leonardo with the plans being iterated and redefined with SAP Build. It designs the roadmap of dependencies and immediate risks. The business development case creates tests and refines said business case for Return on Investment and Strategic Value.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning - Reimaging the Value Chain

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning helps in reimagining the value chain of your organization. The changes in the entire value chain make it more robust and agile. It brings efficiency and saves the cost of the organization by preventing wasteful expenditure within the organization. There will be a significant improvement in the marketing campaigns, increase in sales and services, finance, design, operations, human resources, inbound logistics, and outbound logistics. There is an increase in brand impact, social media analysis, and perfect segmentation of customer behavior. The tremendous growth in the sales and services is due to the effective use of conversational artificial intelligence, service ticketing, increase in customer support and various solutions recommender.

Finance is the lever of any enterprise. It is built to take care of finance of the organization. The suite offers multiple facilities like cash application, accounts payable, remittance advice, predictive accounting and SAP business Integrity screening. It is a boon for the apparel industry where design is the key for the success in the business. Trend Analysis helps in identification of face, age, gender, tastes, preference etc. It is built to enhance operations within the organization. The key to success is predictive maintenance, quality inspection, best planning and scheduling of the resources. It increases the efficiency and quality of the goods produced. Human Resources are the critical part of any organization. It is the only competitive advantage which cannot be copied. It adds innovation in the field by using learning recommender, synchronous translation of training content and advising career path recommender. Engage employee are always productive employees. When they are not engage organization suffers an innumerable loss of productive work hours. The focus is on inbound as well as outbound logistics. There is proper classification of goods and services; image based purchasing, supplier risk management and catalogue enrichment. The outbound logistics bring resilience in supply chain, last minute delivery.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning- Applications

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning application are setting examples of high quality work and proven innovation in respective fields. SAP cash applications are widely used by many organizations for intelligent invoice matching. It collects and stores the payments of invoices. It matches payment criteria for a particular vendor and automatically clears payments. This prevents undue advantage to any one vendor. The process is transparent and they have to meet the benchmark criteria specified by your organization to collect their payments. There are many benefits of the SAP Cash Application. It improves day sales outstanding. It smoothly integrates with SAP S/4 HANA for reduced TCO and time to value. The entire process empowers the finance team to focus on strategic tasks and service quality. SAP Cash Application is an example of next generation intelligent invoice matching powered by machine learning.

Conclusion – The Future for SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning offers many core capabilities to give you a competitive edge over your competitor. There is ready to use services, you can create new model and customises your pre-existing model. The ready to use services are already built pre-trained models based on various case simulations. It has already installed services like image classification, topic detection product image classification etc. The Bring Your Own Model helps to deploy and run own Tensor Flow Model based on Machine Learning Foundation. You can leverage the power of ML foundation to increase your productivity and increase revenue. It manages your model status and monitors consumption of resources. The option of Customize Your Model is one of the best ways to upgrade your existing digital infrastructure with machine learning. In this method, it uses pre-existing data to retrain ML foundations and image classifier.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning helps in automation of many processes which reduces strain on your human resources. Your focus is on becoming productive and achieving work of high value worth. It offers immense capabilities and possibilities. The entire enterprise application becomes intelligent. It transforms your HR services, light out finance operations. There are conversational robots to address your customer problem, increase in customer retention and address specific needs of customer by empowering them. The marketing campaigns are transformed. Most of the marketing are video based and visual aware. The inventories are managed through drones. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning takes your enterprise intelligence to the next level that surpasses all the difficulties and takes your organization itself to the next level of function.

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