Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for the Environment

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For the past decades, AI is associated with human intelligence while demonstrating its different behaviors such as planning, reasoning, solving, manipulating, and knowledge representation. AI is here now, available to and benefiting us in all ways, but its consequences for our society under are not only not understood, but have until recently barely even yet been the subject of the study. We live in a world that is entirely disrupted by the improvements in AI and machine learning. Yet now, with advances in robotics, AI is entering our physical spaces in the form of autonomous vehicles, weapons, drones, and some domestic devices including “smart speakers” (really, microphones) and even game consoles. AI makes the machines perform human-like tasks by processing a large amount of data in order to analyze it and began performing some tasks. There are different types of AI such as general AI and narrow AI. The use of AI might help analyze services in the marketplace and work out how these technologies might impact the business world. According to Minsky and McCathy (1950), AI is any task that is performed by a program or a machine if a human carries it out in an activity. Our society has been transforming ever since AI gave influence in our industries.

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AI has a lot of different uses and varieties in this day of age, it is still developing but it has come to be advanced as ever. These days, it is now pretty easy to spot AI. It could be in PCs, in vending machines, or in the other types of technological advancements that are using Artificial Intelligence or what most people know as AI. It started to be developed in the mid-1950s as a way for classical philosophers to imitate the human mind as a symbolic system. But nowadays it’s most advanced as ever, it can even think for itself and do calculations that even exceed human capacity to do it. The future of AI is bright and has a long way to go, but what if it’s not for the Advancement of humankind but to go to war using AI? Some sources say that the U.S Military has already deployed Robots to Iraq almost 4,000 Robots are deployed and some of the vehicles are with semi-autonomous equipment with weapons and fully armed to it. War is a scary event that can lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. War cannot just be unnoticed and it’s too much of a waste to send people to war and just die. So, it is better that we send disposable units such as AI Robots to do the fighting for us. Sure it is unfair to the other opposing opponent but it will lessen the casualties for sure. But in this day of age, we have gone advanced in technology that it will not be a war to be fought by men instead it will mostly be fought by AI Controlled missiles of Nuclear Warheads which will automate a path to the region or country that will hit it. But there is some other use in artificial intelligence, like in Environmental AI applications. Our source says that “‘With the advances in machine learning and deep learning, we can now tap the predictive power of AI to make a better data-driven model of environmental processes improve our ability to study current and future trends, including the water availability, ecosystems wellbeing, and pollution”.

Artificial Intelligence can be helpful especially in the environment because with the modern technology that we have, it can change our lives differently because of the knowledge or learning capabilities of the machine or the AI. In the same source, they said that Google also uses AI expertise to improve energy efficiency. Hence, Artificial Intelligence is getting popular and is being used by some of the biggest technology companies in the world. Artificial Intelligence is extremely useful and helpful especially when today and in the future. AI is called machine intelligence where it can create robot that is a natural display that is sometimes displayed by humans. There is some popular artificial intelligence that we use today like Siri, Apple’s personal assistant. This is what humans use to find and search for some things on our devices. Artificial Intelligence helps us to use modern technology easily. But using it often may result in bad effects and may harm people when we use artificial intelligence in a negative way. Artificial Intelligence has a bad effect too especially on us. Using AI might also lead to having an illness.

Artificial intelligence can solve our problems faster than humans can. We can ask them what they need to do that is why it maximizes the chance of successfully achieving its goals. Machines are capable to do such tasks using intelligence, but sometimes AI is not as perfect as what we see it. We may experience miscalculations from it. Since AI is getting popular with this generation because of being used in the biggest technology companies in the world, it became popular to people that they use it every time. There are two types of AI: the strong and the weak AI. Strong AI is largely unsupervised and uses more clustered or association data processing. It is known for “teaching” itself while the Weak AI is designed to be supervised programming that is a simulation of human thought and interaction. Weak AI is like Siri or Alexa, they don’t usually understand the command that people would give. AI is considered a success in some customer services, other business operations, and education. This term is often applied to the development project of systems endowed with human characteristic intellectual processes. There are also some negative effects of having a robot, they will always do the tasks for us that’s why people will often think of this as taking advantage of it and we will also be lazy if someone will always do the tasks that are for us. Let me just give an example of an AI which is Siri. Siri is a built-in “smart assistant” that allows people to ask them anything which will answer them right away. Some countries or some companies are practicing the use of artificial intelligence to replace people in their jobs. It can result in people losing their jobs and higher unemployment in their country.

To sum it all up, because of artificial intelligence, the world is consistently changing. The idea that AI could think and perform just like what humans can do, we often depend on it in doing the things that we always do rather than doing them ourselves. AI can do better things than humans can do. Humans depend their lives on AI because of having a mindset like what humans have. If this continues, humans will start to look worthless and lazy because some people may say that we only depend on everything on AI. Humans should learn how to maintain balance in using AI in some other things. We should be responsible enough to know what are the things we must do and what AI could do. If they can maintain in balancing it, our world will be in peace but if they cannot maintain it, there will be a big possibility of having a war. 

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