The Issue of the Technology Overuse in our Day-to-Day Lives

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Our way of life has changed a lot from the past. In this day and age, one cannot simply imagine life without the use of gadgets. Whether we admit it or not, our lives today have become wreathed, if not dependent, on various forms of technological advancements. We are living in a world where it seems that technology has taken over our lives and because of this, one of the greatest contradictions in the modern world has arisen, that is being connected and disconnected at the same time. In a way, technology now depersonalizes connection and has evolved as a substitute for real human interaction that is solely based on conveniently spoon-feeding us with digital dopamine and instant satisfaction. This is the reason why last Sunday, August 25, I challenged myself to live a day without gadgets to see and reflect on how big of an impact technology really has in my life.

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From the very moment that I woke up that day, I immediately reached over for my phone to supposedly check for the time, weather, and for any missed messages or notifications. Thankfully, I was able to stop myself just before I unlocked my phone and at that moment, I realized that living a day without gadgets might be easier said than done. I have been so accustomed to the habit of checking on my phone from time to time that a large part of my daily routine revolves around the use of my gadgets, especially my mobile phone. Whether it’s to my advantage or not, our family had to run errands and go to several places during that particular day. With that type of situation in mind, I decided to leave my phone, along with my other gadgets, at home to avoid temptations at all costs. Much to my surprise, I didn’t long my phone at all when I was interacting with other people, particularly with my family, but at the very moment that I had to go somewhere alone, I was instantly consumed with the desire to have my phone with me. Perhaps it was the sense of security and convenience which my phone offered me that I missed. I kept patting pockets and checking inside my bag several times trying to figure out where my phone is, only to realize that I had intentionally left it at home in the first place. I found myself to be more dependent on the convenience of instantly having access to my texts, contacts, the internet, and my social media accounts when I am by myself. Experiencing this made me aware of my habits and tendencies to rely on technology. I was able to realize that the main reason why I make use of my gadgets is to be able to connect to others when I don’t have the opportunity to do so in real life.

Despite the fact that this challenge wasn’t an easy feat, exiling my gadgets for a day did have its benefits. It was as if time slowed down and I was able to have the opportunity to regain my grasp on what is real and not. I realized that there are experiences that are more special when done without the interference of technology such as spending real, quality time with my friends and family. Disconnecting from the digital world made me connect better to the actual world. I was able to appreciate the simplicity of life and all the fine details that make it beautiful and as a result, moments became more special, the presence of others was much more appreciated, and love and connection were further strengthened. As the day ended, I still didn’t feel the need to check on my phone. By being gadget-free, I was able to have some quality time for myself. I was more aware of the things I’m doing, the emotions that I’m feeling, and the things that I should be prioritizing. This experience made me feel more in touch with the sense of reality as I found joy in living in the present and not in front of the screen of my devices.

My takeaway from this experience is that there is a need for us to remind ourselves that although we have access to the world in ways that the previous generations never did, it is still our responsibility to ensure that as technology advances, our connection to the real world never diminishes. It is a given fact that all of us can attest to the greatness and power of technology. Gadgets were designed to make our lives easier and make the process of doing things more convenient. Because of it, I can entertain myself, obtain information, and connect to people who are far away from me. Technology is continuously evolving and so are we, therefore; it is only up to us to decide on how we give these technologies control over our day-to-day lives. As a believer of change and advancements, overcoming the overuse of technology doesn’t mean ending your use of technological devices completely. It just means doing whatever we need to do so gadgets can improve the quality of our life, rather than take over it.

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