Inspiring Story in Movie In Pursuit of Happiness

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The Pursuit of Happiness takes place in San Francisco, 1981, Based on the real life story of Chris Gardner, an aspiring stockbroker who experienced homelessness as a salesperson and eventually went on to become a millionaire. The Pursuit of Happiness takes you on a two-hour emotional ride like never before, highlighting the struggles Chris goes through as he tries to persevere through adversity. The movie is starring two-time Academy Award winner Will Smith who portrays Chris Gardner and is joined by his real life son Jaden Smith who co-stars as his five-year old son ‘Christopher Jr.’

The movie is centred around Chris Gardner, a hard-working man, brimming with wisdom and kindness as he struggles to find financial stability as an independent salesperson. As a result, it ultimately led to his wife leaving him and his son to survive on their own. With little to no money to his name and no wife, Chris applies at a stock brokerage firm and got accepted, the only issue was that this was a six-month internship program with no pay. Leading to Chris going homeless and having to resort to sleeping in homeless shelters, but Chris doesn’t lose hope and keeps working which eventually got him the job.

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One thing that made this movie so emotional was the outstanding casting, and we can thank Will Smith for that, he portrays Chris Gardner to perfection, his ability to connect with the viewers was otherworldly. In the final scene which is guaranteed to make you shed a tear, Will Smith put on an acting masterclass when Chris received news that he got the job, tears started slowly dripping down his face, he immediately exits the building, overjoyed with emotions, bursts into tears knowing that he could finally live a normal and happy life. Watching this scene will truly feel like you are in Chris Gardner’s shoes.

Credit has to be given to the producers as the visual and sound effects of this film were impressive and had intensifying sound and visual scenes that were emotional, heartwarming, and overall outstanding. The soundtrack to this movie was put together very well and matched all aspects of this movie, each scene had the most appropriate possible soundtrack attached to it, whether it was gloomy or cheery.

The only critique I have for this movie is the fact that at times, it gets way too depressing due to the fact that every time you assume one turn of events is happening for the better, another twist is added for the worse, hence, this movie might not be the best for the ones who can’t handle loads of negativity.

The Pursuit of Happiness had everything, from the beginning till the end of the movie, I was at the edge of my seat cheering for Chris to turn things around. it is about persistence and about never giving up, no matter how hard things might be. This man was pushed by his dreams, of wanting a better life for his young son. He always had faith and overcame the toughest of challenges, shortcomings, hardships and troubles that came his way, he even went through homelessness but did not stop, did not flinch at these situations, and continued working hard on his way to success, loving his child, and eventually turning things around.

To round it all up, The Pursuit of Happiness is a movie I would hands down recommend everyone to see, there is a reason as to why this movie has won 12 academy awards. This is a type of movie that is guaranteed to inspire you, it is a story of hard work and determination leading to success, and upon watching what the characters have been through, you can set your heart and mind to anything and accomplish it.

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