Hard Work Beats Talent When It Comes To Success

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Colin Powell once said “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” No one has ever achieved their dream through wishing upon it, although many have tried. To ever achieve you’re aspersions you must put your all into it. Even more than that many people think they can always be the best and achieve all their goals and off their talent alone. This is where I think people are the most confused; talent isn’t a free ride, talent is merely a head start that’ll quickly be passed by the people that put in practice and hard work.

People at the top of their respective sports that we all extol, the best of the best, even have to put in countless hours of practice to improve or keep their skills up. For example Mike Trout arguably the best current baseball player. Has a nightly routine which includes lots of core work, tire pushes, dumbbell presses, planks, pullups and pulldowns, as well as rows and full-body exercises. Why would the best have to put in so much practice and hard work? Its because the best wouldn’t be the best without giving it his/her all.

Others become great by listening and doing what their told. An example of this from the novel Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua. Is Chua’s oldest daughter Sofia, Sofia had natural talent for the piano from a very young age but even then the piano is a very complicated and hard instrument to master. That’s why Chua was adamant that her daughters practice as much as possible Chua stated this in battle hymn of the tiger mother on page 23 saying “Because I wanted them to practice as much as possible, I didn’t ask my daughters to chop wood or dig a pool. ” Sophia put in hours upon hours of practice to become a world class artist at a very young age. To get a scale of just how much she practice Chau said on pages 27 and 28 “Sophia practiced at least ninety minutes every day, including weekends. On lesson days we practiced twice as long.” This puts it in aspect for the reader to understand how much practice it takes to become a world class artist.

Practice is important for people of all skill levels. My sister for example who is eight years old and just started playing volleyball shows just how much practice can help someone improve. I’ve seen her go from barely being able to serve the ball to being able to hit it over the net almost every time while serving underhand, and has started to learn an overhand serve in just a few months of practicing this goes to show just how much practice helps people of all levels, no matter if there talented or not. Practice is essential to bettering yourself which is why no one on any level can be the best on talent alone.

Considering the evidence practice is necessary even when natural talent is present. Many people will try to push through all their obstacles and hurdles with their natural talent alone, but at a certain point these hurdles will become to high, and these obstacles to rigorous. That is when hard work surpass talent and talent must then work hard. Even for those who do work hard and give it there all they will never reach a culmination because there is no peak to the practice of bettering yourself. That is why people dedicate their lives to perfecting their arts because they know there will always be more to do.

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