Hard Work Over Talent As The Key To Success

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The one vast element of being’s civilization is the conception of the equal opportunity. The notion that some of us are given more capacity than others is a general problem globally, as most of people take that, as human kind, all people are supposed to take civil rights to positive things, such as freedom, safety life and rest of happiness’s basics. Although as impartial as we may be in the guides of the regulation, it might be wrong to see that all of people are the same. Generally, there are several things, that are not so challenging for some people , others would need to work hard for. For example, you may notice it easy to perform a musical instrument or play in a individual sport and games , but some of us can’t take easily those things straight, making them to give up. definitely, there is the existence of the rare kind that most of us name it a ‘Talent’, which imply to be the core of some things people do in our every daily life. Although people claim that being born with natural talent is a way more that hard working and dedication, there are more things people can or will get with hard working such as more success , earning new talent and experience.

First of all , Success is always related to hardworking. There are many people who reach their own goal and success. However some of them was born with natural talent, none of them wasn’t just lying on the bed or waiting for coming up a thing called a ‘success’. All of them have been working very hard to reach their current achievement since the dream and goal came into their mind. As the people work hard and begin to see themselves improving they begin to become determined because they believe they can keep improving, and they are able to reach their goal. essentially, as athletes or musicians get better through hard work they begin to fill more determined even knowing that “make better yourself than yesterday in spite of its difficulty” (Martin Zwilling), but after already succeeding they remain determined. Hardworking is the way to make them positive and decisive to get better day by day, hour by hour until it maximizes as flawless as they can be.

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Secondly, one of the best things which comes with hard working is ‘earning new talent’. See talent can take you so far matter a fact any were you want to go. It is hard to find someone with either your skills or your abilities. So talent opens a lot of doors for the person that has it. Most people that have talent or an unbelievable skill feel that they do not have to put as much work in or time as a person without talent. Which is not true because there is always room for improvement know matter how good you are and in order to improve it takes hard work. A person that works hard that does not have talent can go farther then someone with talent. Therefor the fact that earned talent with hard working is more influential that a ‘natural talent’

Thirdly, one of the essential things for life that can be earned with only hardworking is ‘experience’. knowledge is nothing without experience (W. Edwards Deming). Talent will only get you so far, because so many people rely on that and nothing else to get them through. Also, along a similar not, years of experience can more just as much, if not more, than a degree. We can see the difference between experience earned with hardworking and talent. For example a experienced musician will be much more that a talented musician, even though the talented one is more than other people. The thing that makes us better than yesterday is experience and the best experience only comes with hardworking.

In conclusion, Hard work has always been acknowledged as the key to success in life. Some people believe that talent can beats hardworking and It can be true for short period time but for the long term hardworking always wins. Having a talent is a blessing for some, but it doesn’t mean that those who have it should rely on it. Things can happen, hard work can never do any wrong. When we work hard it can get us the same results but we have to keep it going. Therefor talent can be inborn, but it needs hardworking to shine. Without hardworking, talent is just like a shadow lurking in the dark. 

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