The Comparison of AT&T and the World of 5G

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People around the world are still taking full pleasure and benefits of the 4G connection when the AT&T team raises the curtains on yet another glad tidings of making a cheek by jowl with the 5G. Yes, 5G is another unforeseen innovation that will jumpstart the next wave in the world of telecommunication.

AT&T successfully becomes the only network provider who will launch 5G in parts of many cities, some of them being – Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Jacksnoville, Los Angles, Okhlama City, Orlando, San Antonio, San Fransisco, New Orleans, Raleigh, Waco, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Indianapolis, Jacksnoville, and San Diego.

AT&T promises its customers a speedier, with wider coverage and a low latency network to the World. This will give the World an ability to experience an ultra-fast network both at home and at businesses giving no reasons and ways of any delays and setbacks. AT&T’s this new revolution in the wireless network technology, will not only bring that extra ease and comfort in the lives of the people but will also play an important role in the burgeoning economic opportunities.

Whatever be the mode of employment for you 5G gives a word of honor that it’ll take the customer’s experience a level up with its services alongside producing new economic opportunities for every business. Adding another feather in their hats, AT&T becomes the first network to outperform 2 gigabits per second on their live network, in Atlanta using NETGEAR Nightwalk 5G mobile hotspot. This achievement of AT&T makes them the first ever network carrier in USA to reach this speed.

This high-speed will be capable of downloading a 2-hour HD movie in a proliferating speed of 10 Seconds ONLY. Ever since AT&T launched 5G in 2018, becoming the first ever network carrier in the USA achieving this milestone, it is without a stop continues to startle its customers with the new and much-improved services 5G is going to offer them.

Adding on to their big list of achievements, AT&T has made their 5G network live in 7 more cities in the USA, making the number of cities having access to the 5G network to 19 cities across the Nation, making it a well-ahead to their competitors. Now that AT&T has bagged the title of being the first ever network carrier to launch 5G in the USA, they are now determined to push the network for faster speeds. To make this a big reality, they are in full swing to collaborate with some most innovative companies in the World, to create mind-boggling experiences come live which can be possible only on 5G networks.

And, if AT&T keeps going in this space, then according to some real close sources of the company, it is expected that by 2020 they’ll have the best in the world combination of the 5G, providing the higher speeds available over mmWave along with nationwide coverage available over sub-6 spectrum. Making the deliriums even higher, AT&T is slated to launch their first 5G mobile device this year. According to some sources, by this spring Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available powered with 5G AT&T network. This launch of the 5G device will not only give the customers a joy of flaunting a 5G enabled phone in their hands but will be able to take all the possible advantages of this next-gen technology of connectivity.

With the posterior part of the Year, AT&T is expected to launch 5G with many other Samsung smartphone devices, giving its customers the ability to enjoy the accessibility of mmWave and sub-6 sepctrum.

So, keep yourself geared-up as the next-gen connectivity is going to conquer this World, giving the customers an insight of more beautiful, faster and better experiences along with economic benefits to the businesses. The World of 5G has much more to offer than what has been mentioned here. Slowly and steadily it’ll raise the curtains from all those hidden and ofcourse exciting services and experieces the World of 5G holds within.

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