Causes of Road Accidents in Malaysia

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The Global Status Report on Road Safety published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank in December 2018 reported that Malaysia had 7,152 deaths in 2016, of which 87% were males and 13% females. As you can see, I am here to talk about the mainly the causes of road accidents. Nowadays, road accidents are very common in Malaysia. Whenever we open our newspapers, we see at least 2 person died or at least hospitalized who involved in road accidents. From the statistics;, it shows us that five to six thousands peoples dead in a year because of road accidents. On the other hand, it also means that, every year there is five to six thousands peoples losing of their love member such as, love partner, family members and so on. There are many types of vehicle on the road, such as motorcycle, bus, car, taxi and goods vehicle and many bring those vehicles whether it is a short drive or a long drive because all of us depend on vehicles to move from a destination to another. As we know that, Malaysia is a multinational country, there are types of religion in Malaysia. Different types of religion will celebrate their own festival such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and so on. Almost all Malaysian will go back to the hometown for the celebration. During the season of festival, road accident will happen more often compare to the normal day. Several causes of road accident such as, the behavior of driver, mechanical failure, road conditions and also weather. We as a Malaysian we need to reduce the number of road accident by some solutions.

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Let’s discuss about the first categorize of road accidents which is due to the driver’s behavior. I believe that the driver’s behavior is one of the causes of road accident, and the statistics also claim that there are 97% of road accidents happen because of the distracted driver. There are many types of driver behavior that will cause road accident and this will result for most of the driver to not realize that those actions are very dangerous while driving. The first type of the driver behaviors that will cause road accidents are on phone while driving. Mobile phone now is too advanced in technologies even can watch television programs by online. Many of the drivers use this kind of technologies while they are driving. As we all know that we just have a pair of eyes and we cannot watch the road and the phone on the simultaneously. On this condition we will lack of concentration and it will cause us to involve in road accident. Beside that, some driver also use the mobile phone to send messages and on talk on their phone whiles they drive. The second type of the driver behaviors are the driver adjusting the radio or the Bluetooth connection while they drive. After we finish heard the song, the playlist will change a new song which sometimes we don’t like. Let’s imagine if the car is on road and the driver are searching a new song from his playlist then this is will cause a few moment of distraction for the driver to not notice the road and this will increase the chances for accidents to occur. There are also high possible chances of accidents will occur if we are try to alter the radio channel when they are driving. Thirdly, due to the driver’s behaviors which is popularly knowns as drunk and drive. According to the write-up by Alcohol Problems and Solutions, they stand firm that a driver with high blood alcohol content (BAC) has the most risk which will involve in car accidents. Reason is when a person with high BAC it will affect the person’s coordination and this have been shown by Alcohol Problems and Solutions. There is an test to show that, a person is trying to write such words “Drinking doesn’t affect my driving” before and after drunk. The result show that, the person after drunk will write the words more blur and unoccupied. Besides that, it also means that if we are drunk driving we will drive in a blur situation, and it will result to road accidents.

Mechanical failure is contemplated as a factor that will result road accidents. Speaking about cars, ask yourself, do you service your car at the secured particular period. Do you service your car? We must not simply look down on car’s maintenance. This is because some of the error will happen if we do not service our car and it will cause the road accidents. One of the mistakes is the lack of breaking system, if we do not service our car we will be careless whether our break pad is still in a well condition. If the break pad is not in well conditions, break failure will occur. Which is also means that, wewill fail to stop our car when we are driving. This is very threatning and will cause many road accidents. Despite that, defective wipers also make the road accident occur. Imagine that, when we drive on the road and suddenly heavy rain until we cannot get a clear look of the road. In such situation if the car wipers out of functions we will not be able to drive anymore which it also means that we need to stop the car immediately. This will cause the a car crash of our car because of the heavy rain hard is will be hard to control the car speed and handling the emergency stop situation. Tires are indeed one of the important parts of a car. Without tires the car cannot move, it also means that, if suddenly the car faces tires blow up, the car will lost control because of without the tires the car cannot move. When we lost of control it might cause a crash, possiblities of crashing with other cars on the road.

In addition, the road conditions is another main reason of accidents. Oily roads without a doubt will cause road accidents. Oily roads will make us to easily lost control because of the tires cannot move in a normal condition and will usually drift. Accidents will be appear when the car loses control. Holes on the road also will cause road accidents. By the way, why do roads have holes? Roads undergo less maintenance from government or even if the place is under construction the road will have many holes because of construction many lorries often use the road. Why do hole on the road will cause road accidents? The situation when we using the road at the night and the road lacks of road light. Such road will cause motorcycle to easily fall into the hole and offence is because the motorcycle lacks of brightness to look clear at the conditions of the road. Nowadays as we can see rubbish everywhere on the road. Let’s seek for the truth, ask yourself have you thrown rubbish on the road before? Just shoulder that a Malaysian throws rubbish on the road. Accident will occur when the road covered by rubbish. This is because when we using the road we will try to stay away from the rubbish. Plus, if we do not notice the car from the back or side, we might crash when trying to avoid the particular rubbish.

The last factor of road accidents is because of the weather. Weather is known as a significant point that we need to look out before we are going out to any destination. In Malaysia, there are two types of weather which is raining season and a muggy day. The raining season will make it difficult to look in front of the road if there the rain is overly heavy. When there is over heavy rain, it will make us hard to approximate the distance between a car with the car in front of us. Even the road condition cannot be estimated because of overly heavy rain. This will be higher possibilities of accidents to take place. To sum up, road accidents in our nation is increasing every year and is not safe for anyone. In this state, everyone must realize and give more awareness to reduce the rate of road accidents. At the same time, citizens have to cooperate with authorities such as police to settle this issue. As we know plenty factors that result to this problem and the main factor is us, humans. After that the causes are road condition from poor weather and vehicle factors. The rate of road accidents could be decreased by the many actions including from education, road condition, campaigns and by the law. If all people shower support and cooperation, this issue could be settled easily and our country also can reduce the number of deaths that result from road accident.

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