Influence of Confucianism on Parenting: Solution to Child Abuse

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The assumption on how to solve societal issues such as gender inequality, racial injustice, and many more is that society has to kill the stem of bigotry and lack of information. But in reality, a lack of anything starts at home. The root of bigotry and lack of information starts with the deficit of parental roles in a child’s life. Sadly though, many of these closed-minded, self-centered societies that support their goal to go against the declaration of independence. “ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unreliable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” were founded by people with strong parental presence. As a child, it is your parent’s job to raise you with the tools to succeed in life many times they were raised with a pitchfork in hand and not a white flag. This could not be more evident than what happened during the 1920s. As the Ku Klux Klan was increasing, smaller groups started to form, the Tri-K-Klub which was for teenage girls, the Junior Ku Klux Klan for boys and the Ku Klux Kiddies for children and infants. The KKK’s goal was to continue the generation of bigotry towards ethnic groups, and continue segregation for years. This meant educating the children in their ways. Now if these children were taught differently they would have affected the world around them positively and not continue “sustaining supremacist ideology” that would hinder the people of the United States. Parenting is a job that should not be taken likely. Society lacks the rights tools to ensure a constructive relationship between parent and child. Leading to a public health issue that is closely related to mental illness, crime, unemployment, pregnancy, and school disruption Investing in a child’s life is investing in the success of the country. Confucianism is supported by modern-day families. For example, they revolve family values on Jen, which is goodness and humaneness. This plays a significant role in

Confucianism began to evolve in a time where there were many changes occurring territory wise. The mandate of heaven was used heavily, causing mismanagement, corruption and power struggle. Confucianism did go through its mass prejudice only reviving during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 BCE) and the 1980s-90s leaving a gap in time where they were either purged, outlawed, or handled with hatred. Today there are multiple Confucious institute programs. Confucianism was ultimately rite and ritual oriented. Ritual as in knowing the ancient text and completing the proper rituals, such as how to bury a loved one or how long you should mourn. This philosophy includes six polite arts: rites, music, archery, charioteering, composition, and arithmetic; Five classics including Classic of Poetry, Book of Documents, Book of Rites, I-Ching, Spring, and Autumn Annals. There is also the “Rectification of Names” which is a system of social standing. As long as you know your place in your society as well as the responsibilities and duties that come with it, there will be social harmony. There is a contradiction to Confucianism. Yan Ying also is known as Zhong argued that elitists were too materialist undermining the work of frugality. Frugality is also a component of Confucianism, which practices self-control and humbleness. But this was not expressed by the elitists such as Confucius, who invested in elaborate funerals and collecting expensive objects to please their desires.

The ideals of parenting are a small part of a larger “social hierarchy” that consists of responsibilities and duties a person must complete to fulfill goals of harmony and peace in the community. The relationship between parent-child according to Confucianism is part of the “family” aspect which must be responded to as an “authority-subordinate relationship”. Confucianism stresses the importance of integrating a strong authoritarian attitude. This is not only taking responsibility as the parent but also successfully exposing your child to the main 5 virtues that Confucianism believes in. The inclusion of all 5 virtues in parenting is what makes is so complex and dire to the growth of a child. The top 5 are ren, which is the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity; Yi, of honesty and uprightness; Zhi, Knowledge; Xin, the virtue of faithfulness and integrity and Li, which is correct behavior, good manners, propriety. Confucianism has an important cycle in place that if used correctly can and will enforce good behavior and influential adults in society. As parents fulfill their duty they are creating the base for filial piety.

Filial Piety is a virtue that is apart of the cycle that Confucianism believes in. The purpose of Filial piety is to genuinely care for your parents as they get older and no longer can take care of themselves. And even before they get to that point. It normally is expected of you as you start your own life as an adult. Your responsibility is to respect your parents and those above you in the social hierarchy as well as financially support them when the time comes. It is paying back to your parents all the time finance and sacrifice they invested in you to become the person you are today. A common misconception is that it is only a one-way street. In reality, for a child to have the desire to give back. There must be something to give back to. Meaning if the parent does not assume the role from the rectification of names then the parent has not done there job to lay a foundation for strong filial piety. The point of this virtue is to strengthen an already solid relationship between parents and children. If there was no respect, love or balance of Confucianism virtues towards the child then how can the parent expect them back.

The United States of America is diverse in many aspects, parenting is not exempt. According to the Pew Research Center, there are multiple trends in parenting influenced by financial status and family stability. These main two factors change a parent’s perspective when it comes to worries in education, discipline, and lifestyle.

Parents in America generally have the same bases when it comes to how they raise their children. From both lower and higher-income parents, 55% worry that their child is susceptible to being bullied and experiencing depression and anxiety. They also believe that they are doing a good job of raising their offspring. Between the statistics from the Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials, around 46% of parents whether low or higher-income see that their efforts have been reached positively. A significant group of parents doesn’t see spanking as a form of discipline, they will use other tactics such as as, “timeout” or taking away privileges. This is roughly close to 53% of all parents from the survey of 1807 parents in the U.S. A strong sentiment expressed in modern parenting is that you can never be too involved in your child’s education. This thought process ties into a common phrase known in America, which is “helicopter parent”. This usually refers to parents that involve themselves in their child’s life excessively, not giving time for the child to express themselves and learn on their own. 54% of all parents in the survey suggest this to be the best way to raise a child. This is roughly tied to parents who think that being too involved is a bad choice. Lastly, opinions strongly matter to parents in America. They are constantly searching up the best ways to deal with tantrums, nap time and much more.

American Mothers research more often than Fathers by twice as much. This supports the idea that mothers are more protective in the family with 62% of all parents with overprotectiveness being a “positive” parenting style. Parents are doing their part in seeking support from others. This is much needed especially because 44% of modern parents criticize their too much, not giving enough praise.

I can neither confirm nor deny confucianism’s joint effect on parenting in America. Because globalization allows parents to convene and pass on useful information to others around the world; Confucianism could affect parenting in America but as of survey, there are no trends.

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Unfortunately, though there are multiple ideals in parenting that Americans have in common. The financial gap still imposes a threat on an equal opportunity, education and equal parenting. Those that earn more than 75,000 a year have more benefits than parents that support a child with less. Higher-income parents overall have less concern towards their child, only 22% worry that their child will get shot, and 21% believe they will get in trouble with the law. These statistics are strikingly different compared to those who make less than 30,000 a year. The safety of the child is usually affected by where they live. Higher-income parents rate their community as “good” or “excellent” regarding public transportation, higher quality education, excellent extracurriculars, and safety. Is there a police station nearby?, is there a hospital, and a school near?. All of these are questions that not often African Americans and Hispanics can say yes to. The amount of money you have determines your child’s likely hood of success in life.

According to this experiment, modern parents make it a top priority to accomplish footing betwixt the five main virtues established by Confucious which are righteousness (Yi), propriety (li), wisdom (Zhi), sincerity (Xin), and benevolence (ren). Using each of these virtues leads to a developed base of goals that need to be achieved for future success in both educational and societal aspects. Which also includes but is not limited to developmental goals, Harmonious relationship, Filial Piety, Self Restraint, Modesty and Shame, Social norms, and Knowledge.

Through Knowledge, parents teach their students resilience and diligence. These are key factors to increase your moral value. Chinese parents are more likely to be involved in there child’s education than American parents are. It is especially seen in children younger than 4 years old. Children are taught that education is just more than receiving information to get by in the world but to strengthen your humanness. Overall, investing in your child’s early education will reap far better benefits both educationally and socially wise.

Another ideal established is that Chinese parents view social habits as a form of social convention, not early development. The difference between Americans and Chinese parents is making sure your child learns about social habits in America is so that they learn them as they age. Developing with a new set of knowledge for the age they are in. As for the Chinese, social habits need to be established from a young age and kept no matter how old because the habits are what allow you to properly communicate with social hierarchy. How you talk to elders, strangers, and your parents are considered social conventions. This is important to Chinese parents because their children are representatives of the community.

To continue, Modesty and shame used will discipline against stressful behavior such as failure or boastfulness according to modern parents. Together parents use this as a strong mix to keep children on a straight path. In other words, you cannot be too giving on compliment lest they get boastful about their skills nor can you critic them too much because they will only see their limitations and never fully grow into their full potential.

Lastly, Filial piety is the most influential out of all the virtues mentioned previously. The reason being is that once a parent, in their best interest lays down the foundation for their child to work upon, it is then the future adult’s responsibility to give back to the caregivers. When they are a young show of filial piety is through obedience but as they grow older expectations will be increased whether this is through financially supporting them or creating a name for yourself through the public eye. Something that shows that your parent’s effort to push you into being a well-fitted adult has not been in vain. This is the sign of respect and reverence to your elders.

Parenting in China has been heavily influenced by Confucianism but what makes parents in China unique is that they still use Confucianism ideals to this day. Modern parents are strongly aligned with the school, they find is severely important to their child’s success; Social habits are seen useful for social conventional norms; they believe that experiencing shame is more important than right and wrong; benevolence is only seen after we achieve filial piety.

Overall though I have mentioned valuable methods parents around the world are accustomed to doing. There is still a deficit in good parents, parents that are willing to put their child first. It sounds absurd, a parent who doesn’t put their child first?. It happens but there needs to be a way to decrease the number of parents who are just biological and not emotionally invested in their child. One of the more prominent issues that are directly and indirectly influenced by the lack of good parenting is Child Abuse. Directly since child neglect is often contributed by the biological parent and indirectly is from outside sources. People who take advantage of kids who are emotionally and physically weakened from absent secure parent role. This could be adults in the school and distant family members.

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