The Causes And Effects Of Child Labour And Abuse

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Childhood is the most blameless stage in human life. It is where a kid is free from every kind of the strains. Child labor is an extremely complex and difficult issue which often extends beyond emotions, beliefs and opinions. Child labor become a curse to the society and humanity and big problem which preventing the country growth and development.

The work which not influence their wellbeing and self-improvement like helping their folks care for the home and the family is not child labor. It furnishes them with abilities, frames of mind and experience, and sets them up to be helpful and profitable individuals from society amid their grown-up life. Child Labor is “work that is normally, physically, socially, or morally risky and perilous to kids or intrudes with their guidance. It is work, thusly, that prevents posterity from securing their childhood, their potential, and their regard.”

Child labor keeps a child away from all the benefits of the childhood, a happiest and memorable period of the life. It causes lack of improper physical and mental growth and development, socially and intellectually unhealthy. Child labor is expanding every day even after heaps of the laws and guidelines against this to stop it completely.

According to ILO, there are 318million economically active children in the world. About two-thirds of these children (218 million) are engaged in what is considered child labor. The remainder participate in acceptable forms of work. There are various reasons of child labor in every country and these reasons vary from country to country. Most common reasons are like poverty, less child rights, lack of education, soft rules and regulations on child labor, etc.

Poverty is powerful determinant of child labor. Parents send their children out to work because sometimes families are too large, and the family has a low income and needs the extra money that the children provide. They are unable to meet their daily needs even some of them are enabling to afford food for two times in a day.

In Ghana's oil palm and rubber plantations, for example, 48% of child laborers said they worked to support the family's income, while an additional 16% worked to help their parents in the plantation.

Lack and high cost of education among the poorer sections of society is also a leading cause for children to start working early. Poor are not able to provide proper education to their children because education is high costly, and they do not understand the value of primary education in children lives. They are also not aware about the harmful consequences of child labor on their children lives.

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In 2006, approximately 75 million children were not in school, limiting future opportunities for the children and their communities. A 2009 report by the United Nations estimated that achieving universal education for the world's children would cost $10-30 billion about 0.7% - 2.0% of the annual cost of global military spending.

The causes are more serious, and they have long term impacts on children’s lives. These causes are not stopped by group of persons. It need help of everyone to stop this. Child laborers lost everything they deserve in their lives to make his life better.

Child labor has a direct effect on individual lives and families, but it also has a larger, cumulative impact on society and its long-term growth. A society with high levels of child labor is susceptible to being caught in a low-level equilibrium trap in which a relatively uneducated workforce continues to produce low quality goods at low levels of productivity.

Children work as child labor often face serious health and mental problems because of working in perilous conditions. Employers do not care about their health and just continue their work for long times. Child labors often face various non-curing diseases and some of them suffers from mental trauma because of threats on workplace. Sometime when they receive ill-treatment they received toiling away as laborers.

A study in Iran explored the prevalence of viral infections (HIV, HCV and HBV) in working children. The study reported that the prevalence among working street children was much higher than in general population. The 4.5% of children were HIV positive, 1.7% were hepatitis B positive and 2.6% hepatitis C positive.

Child labor restrains the youngster's future earning capacity. Basically, kids stall out in low-talented and low-paying jobs. Families that send their youngsters to work, in this manner, gain pay in the short term however they penance profit in the long haul.

Research recommends that the prior a child labor starts working, the higher is the punishment that she or he pays as far as lower salary profit as an adult A three-nation ponder found that 31% of 14-year-olds in Peru combined the two, while in Ghana the rate was 21% and in Pakistan just 9%.

New generation needs to break the endless loop and permit kids the opportunity to go to class as opposed to working with the goal that they can be increasingly profitable in future years. They will at that point have the capacity to add to the effective improvement or advancement of both locally and universally.

Child labor is like an ailment. To stop this, we need to be together and take some more hard steps toward this. The most important step is awareness and contribution of everyone and need proper support of government and local authorities.

Stop hiring the children below the minimum age. According to, Article 2 of the ILO's Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention, 1999(C. 182) defines a ‘child' as anyone under the age of 18. children who are above the minimum age for work, but under the age of 18, must have decent working conditions. 

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