Birth Mother's Choice of Child Adoption vs. Abortion

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This overall question gives many people hope of what can be, while others consider it a nightmare. Both are a choice that affects the child and the mother. Child adoption is better than abortion because it is safer, less stressful, and sometimes easier on the mindset of the parent, or parents, of the soon to be child, while also saving the future of the youth to come. While on the other hand abortion is a “shortcut” many mothers take as a faster way to go about getting rid of an unwanted child. Although without abortion many mothers, both young and old, have to live with the regret of an accidental child or with the pain of a child that was forced unto them.

There are so many different feeling that people have towards abortion and child adoption. People do not think about the damages that both of these decisions can have and how they affect the women whom have made them. There are so many different reasons on why women make the decisions to end their pregnancy or to give a child away. The damage that is done is not just to the mothers and fathers but also to the children. The damage can have a long and lasting effect on everyone’s life in the situation.

“On average there are 135,000 children adopted every year from around the country.” Adoption is a common thing that happens to many families, for many reasons. Most that are forced by the fear of the unknown future, and others that are brought upon by the thought of not being able for their child. “One out of every twenty-five families have at least one adopted child in their family.” Many believe that families with adopted children are commonly have both a mother and father, which is not necessarily true being that one-third of adopted households are single parent households. “Currently there are “one hundred seven thousand, nine hundred and ten children eligible for adoption.”

While there are many reasons on why people should put a child up for adoption rather than aborting it, many people around the country still believe in abortion. Abortion was, is, and always will be a shortcut for mothers to escaped their nightmares or run away from their past. Even though abortion is looked upon as a bad or sinful way of living, I still believe that there are a few situations where abortion can and should be considered. Such as when a young woman is forced to have a child or when the mother is in the position where she has to choose between her life and the child’s. Situations like this do not happen necessarily often but are capable by all means. If you was to mentally put yourself in the shoes of the father and having a doctor tell you that it is either your child or your wife. Emotionally you would be destroyed and confused having to choose between the two that you love the most. While putting abortion into consideration you could see that in this situation aborting the child over losing your wife, the person you fell in love with, is at the time the better choice. Over the simple fact that you could always try for another child whereas you can never get your lover back. “Abortion has played a part in a lot of situations worldwide since 1550 BCE when the first ever case of abortion was recorded in Ancient Egypt”.

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Women who partake in abortion are usually looked upon by many people in the world as selfish, arrogant, murders who don’t deserve the rights to have children. The reasoning behind this is because women are look at as nothing more than. In the eyes of society, and when this bond is broken and destroyed it makes people assume that the mother of the unborn child is lesser than the painted image of what a women should be. While women who go through the long term process of adoption are looked upon as “superheroes”.

I believe that these women who are looked at these “superheroes” in the eyes of society are nothing less than superheroes because they took the time and effort out of their lives to have us when they could have taken the easy way out and aborted all of us. Women who choose to have a child, or children, and put them up for adoption for whatever reasons are looked at as caring women who want the best for their child and their future in the world. While those who are for abortion might argue, “what is the point of going through nine long months of labor to have a child to then just give the child up for adoption as soon as it is born?”. Women who have abortions, no matter when, are put through more mental, emotional, and physical suffering than a mother who put her child up for adoption. “Ten percent of women suffer immediate complications, of which one-fifth would consider major. Such as infections, embolism, and ripping of uterus”. Some may also argue that adoption also has many side effects that affect the birth mother and that is true, to a certain extent. Adoption might be hard the mother if the child but it is not as heavy on the conscience of the birth mother. “Adoption answers all of the possible “what ifs” given or asked by the birth mother, while fulfilling someone else’s dream of becoming a parent. Also while fulfilling any of the birth mothers possible doubts by making her feel as if she has done the right thing”. Both adoption and abortion are two serious topics that either make or break not only a family, but the world.

While abortion takes a mental toll on the birth mother so does adoption. Having to give your child to the care and supervision of someone else, you may or may not know, can cause serious issues mentally for a mother. “Such as identity issues, which would have a mother asking questions such as “Am I a parent?”, giving them a sense of incompleteness, because they are a now a parent without a child”. Adoption also causes grieving issues for mothers who have given up their child, or children, for adoption. “Such as feelings of denial, followed by sorrow, depression, anger and guilt. Which eventually leads to feelings of unworthiness or incompetence”.

Overall both adoption and abortion have many different side effects that create mental, emotional, and physical issues for birth mothers everywhere whether it is based on opinion or fact. Birth moms are forced to live with whichever choice they choose for whatever reasons they have for choosing, or making their decision. On first if they want the child or if they are willing to go through the mental, emotional, and possibly physical self-destruction on their body through abortion, then second if they are going claim the child as theirs or take the child and put it up for adoption or give someone else, that might not have been fortunate enough to have kids, the chance to finally feel and live their lives as a new parent with your child after he or she born and brought into the world. While at the same time destroying yourself as a mother constantly doubting yourself, wondering if you made the right choice, asking yourself questions over and over thinking about all the possible “what ifs” that would come along with abortion. Going through the rest of your life grieving over the loss of your child, feeling the guilt and shame of not knowing whether or not if you are a good parent or a good mother based on your decisions. All while be looked upon by the rest of the world as either a good or bad human while trying to find acceptance in your choice as your child is either aborted from the start or not raised in the same household as you as you live your life wondering where and if your child is going to okay in the world and happy with you and understanding as to why you made the decisions you made.

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