Painting Analysis of Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert by Paul Cezanne

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The paper will be concerned with the analysis of art named Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert which was done by Paul Cezanne for his uncle who was a monk. The paper will seek to explain the various elements that have been applied to the painting which make it unique and give it the ability to stand the test of time. comparison of the art with others by the same artist and time will also be made in the paper to highlight the aspects that were common during this time. The painting was done in the autumn of 1866, and the artist was motivated to make paintings of his maternal uncle in different costumes. I visited the MET museum, and I was able to see the various works of Cezanne and realize that he was motivated to do his paintings using oil on canvas. Cezanne as an experienced artist has applied various visual elements that have made the art have different impressions and stand out as part of oil on canvas art which has been done with great perfection.

It can be seen that the painting belongs to post-impressionism and it contains various elements that make it stand out. The type of art that the artist has done is a painting using medium oil on canvas. There is used of smooth lines in the portrait which might indicate that there is serenity surrounding the art and also a reflection of the moment when Cezanne was working on the portrait. The texture of the portrait is flowing, and it is easy to note that there is smoothness in the way that the artist has brought out the image. It is easy to know the thoughts and feelings of the artist. The addition of black and white color indicates value changes in the art because of the dark and light hues that are shown in the art.

The texture of the art is brought about the various lines that the artist has used as well as the shading and color. The art is made not to be too smooth, but it also can be said to be rough because of the use of oil on canvas. There are visible brushstrokes that are meant to create a physical texture to express the mood of the painting and also get the attention of the audience to specific areas on the art. There are varied textures both on the clothes of the image as well as the surrounding part of the portrait.

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On perspective, the artist has used this aspect to make it look more realistic as well as natural. The portrait appears to be closed because the figure is bigger in size and nearly covers every part of the portrait. The artist has used various colors on the art. The color that has been used in the art has a visual impact on the visual senses of the artist. The main effects of the colors that have been used to bring about a calming effect and the red that has been used on the figure’s tie are meant to stimulate senses. The white color has been used to lighten up the art. There are areas that have been darkened on the art, and this means that the value of color has been decreased by using black and raw umber color. Oil paint has been used in art, and there are warm and cold colors that have been included. The red color represents a warm color while the blue and green color can be said to be cool colors. The colors have been able to create volume and depth, especially by the artist using the saturation of different colors.

Paul Cezanne, born in 1839, was a French artist whose works have attracted a lot of attention over time because of the various techniques that he applied which are quite unique. His works fall under the class of impressionism. He belonged to the class of post-impressionism where the artist is known to use color to build form. His main inspiration for using brushwork, as well as contrast of thick colors was inspired by the works of Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863). Camille Pissaro also inspired him to leave the use of dark palette on his art and started painting in brilliant tones. These are the two main teachers or people who greatly inspired his works. Other notable people who worked with Cezanne and helped him to advance his artistic abilities are Baille and Zola. A monk by the name Joseph Gibert was his teacher, who gave him drawing lessons that helped him get the right techniques that he was in need of at the time. most of the art that was being done at the time involved oil in canvas, and this is the same style that he picked up and made most of his works on.

Most of the works that he worked on were during the dark period in Paris, where most of the arts that were being done by various painters were being rejected and could not be displayed. It is through this motivation that most of the works that he did during this period are characterized by dark colors as well as heavy use of the black color. It is the time that he worked on the portraits of his uncle. The impressionist period also implies a time when the artist was motivated by Pissaro on his works. He was getting assistance from his father financially, and thus he could most do those arts that could not offend his father and thus cut off his funding. Motivated by various cultural factors such as family and friends, Cezanne made various arts to illustrate this including the painting of the surround, such as the Mont Sainte-Victoire.

Around the period when the portraits of his uncle were done, the United States was passing the Civil Rights Act that was meant to protect and preserve the rights of the African-Americans in the country. This is in the year 1866, when the portrait of Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert was being done. There were also tougher terms instituted on universities after the assassination attempt on Tsar Alexander II. An immigrant ship that was known as the Monarch of the Seas sunk in Liverpool in the same year, killing 738 people who were on board. On religious matters, the year marked the holding of the Second Plenary Council of American Roman Catholic bishops. The main event in France was the withdrawal of troops from Mexico by order of Napoleon III.

In this paper, I have provided an analysis of various aspects of the art Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert, which was done in 1866. There are various elements that have been combined by the artist in the way of making sure that it stands out. The analysis has provided the main inspirations that helped Cezanne become one of the best post-impressionism artists and make paintings that have lasted for years. there were many events that were going on across the world at the time, and it is also possible that they may have an influence on the kind of art that the artist was involved in.

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