Andy Warhol's Influence On Modern Art

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Through this paper, it was proven that Andy Warhol has influenced the ways that Ed Paschke manifests the creations of his artwork. With Andy Warhol’s use of color and style, Ed Paschke used visually similar aspects to portray his style of Pop art. Andy Warhol’s artworks of ‘The Scream After Munch 1984’ and ‘Muhammad Ali 1978’ influenced the ways that Ed Paschke manifests the creations of his artworks ‘Femme Noir 1987’ and ‘Boxer with Masque 2004’ through his use of bright, bold colors, such as red, black, yellow, white, blue, purple, and green hues that hold similar deeper meaning, as well as his style in the way that they experiment with the technique of silk screen printing and oil painting, a popular technique used for mass production and media because of the materials and ways that they manifest their creations.

The style in Andy Warhol’s works and Ed Paschke’s works and the influence of usage of popular figure and the subject matter of fame, notoriety, and identity are Andy Warhol issues and also key issues for Ed Paschke. Ed Paschke’s imagery often reflects confrontation, violence, sex and garishly hued scenes from the underbelly of society with unrealistic and not flattering media as well. It was Andy Warhol’s depiction of cultural icons like the ‘Muhammad Ali in 1978’, in his layered, mask-like abstraction of the face, use of electronic colors and neon-bright static lines that influenced Ed Paschke style and imagery in the ‘Boxer with a masque, 2004’. Ed Paschke learned to paint through the principles of abstraction and expressionism. ‘Ed Paschke’s paintings were mainly oil on linen, went through a digital photographic process that results in a 3D-like effect. Much like Andy Warhol used a layer of screen printing to get 3D effects of layers in his works.’ (Russick, David). Similarly Color in Andy’s work influenced Ed Paschke’s works.

Andy Warhol used popular and available products from his time to recreate images that were seen in newspapers and magazines by giving them unrealistic colors and manipulated the color scheme to become more vibrant and easily seen. Ed Paschke was also influenced by the images from newspapers and magazines and had a fascination with popular figures, taking ideas from the popular culture much as Andy Warhol did. ‘Ed Paschke was influenced by the Pop Art of Andy Warhol, Ed Paschke produced works darkly mirrored media culture rather than mimicked it with the use of pinks, yellows, greens, and reds that are portrayed when getting across the symbolism of their works.’ (Andy Warhol). Andy Warhol experimented with color as a way to manipulate the viewer’s experience of the times cultural icons, using vibrant unrealistic colors as a way to get viewers to recognize the product but have no real opinion on what it was because of the abstract color scheme. Andy’s usage of color in the ‘The Scream After Munch 1984’ impacted the ways that Ed Paschke created his work the ‘Femme Noir, 1987’ with the colors such as yellow, green and blue.

This has proven that in the art community one artist can influence many others. As seen in Andy Warhol and Ed Paschke, the world of art is about taking an idea that opposes the norm or supports it and making it their own. Both Andy Warhol and Ed Paschke took ideas from the popular culture and twisted it into creating their work. Andy Warhol did this by taking ideas from his time of the 1960s and Ed Paschke was influenced by Andy Warhol to do the same, by taking ideas from the 1970s. These artists works show the perspectives and creativity that makes Andy Warhol and Ed Paschke so inspirational and potent in the art community.

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