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The Book Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Calico

One may call war a side effect of human civilization. Nevertheless, it is in a war that people show their best virtues: courage, loyalty, strength, perseverance, and honesty. Nothing is surprising in the fact that texts on this subject have existed since the writing appeared....

Coriolanus: Plutarch's And William Shakespeare's Versions

Two of the greatest contributors to the “Struggle of the Orders” between Plebeians and Patricians were the Patricians’ fears of Plebeian power overshadowing their influence on Roman politics, as well as the issues of grain pricing and distribution. Plutarch’s “Coriolanus” within his Parallel Lives work...

Copies of Ancient Greek Art in Roman Art

As the Greeks and Romans live near each other, separated only by the Ionian Sea, it is not surprising that they are well aware of their mutual existence. Their societies follow similar paths. According to legend, Rome was founded in 753 BC. At that time,...

Culture and Art in the Roman Era

Dating all the way back to the early Roman republic 510 through 263 BCE there is a huge focus on separation and inspiration that culture could easily flourish on. Looking in, not only does Arts and appearance plays a big part; but as well as...

Marble Statue Of Old Woman, Crafted In Early Imperial Rome

More often than not viewers are attracted to sculptures of large burly men/gods, showing great power and authority; or beautiful women/goddesses who at the time were depicted as miraculous pieces of art and architecture. Often we see smaller sculptures, depictions of common folk, go unnoticed...

The Complexities of the Roman God Jupiter

Jupiter is an extensively discussed deity in the ancient and modern worlds. He is the most divine of the Olympic Gods but despite this possesses many ‘ungodly’ characteristics. While to many people Jupiter’s various actions may appear to be in contradiction with his position as...

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