One of the Most Popular Festival - Halloween

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One apon a time, there stood a huge mansion,one where nobody dared to enter.It was outdated the grass was outgrown and very old. There was just one thing that always seemed off about the place. Everyday I passed by it ,it always seemed to get a little bit sadder.The saddest part was the lack of respect the house always got. Every year on Halloween night the kids would go by and throw eggs at the poor house. That was the worst part of living in the neighborhood , nobody really cared for the house or even noticed it. My parents have always told me never to go to that house, as it was strictly forbidden. This was the same thing that all the parents have told us , but you know kids they never listen. Finally , one halloween night , right when we were all about 16 , we decided to throw a halloween party there. ''This night would change our lives'', we thought, and surely it litterly would.

The night was coming up farely fast and everybody was excited as could ever be.A phew parents had heard about the party but they didn't see any harm in it. The word never spread to my parents because everyone knew if it did i would never be allowed to go.The night finally arrived and I saw many people with there awesome costumes. I began to get very nervous getting home, I was very scared of what my mom would ask, I was also scared she would find out as well.When I got home i began to get ready and put my halloween costume on. My mother eventually came in while I was doing this and started asking questions. 'hey where are you going?'' she asked, 'just a party with a few friends.'' 'Okay where is this party at?'' ''At her house'',I said ,''Okay be safe'', 'yes ma'am''

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I really didn't like lying to her but this was the only choice.Anway my friend picked me up and we went straight to the party. When we arrived it was only a few of us and I could tell it wouldn't start for another 20 minutes. We waited there for a few minutes when the huge door opened all by its self. I was already starting to get freaked out and nothing really came to my mind that it was the witching hour. Anyways we walked into the house and we found a light and the mansion but bigger then the outside it was huge. 

There was old outdated pictures and books and I also found and old death penalty which I thought was very creepy.One second I remeber turning around and the next the door slammed right in my face trapping all of us inside. Evreryone thought it was a joke when it never was.I immediately got very scared and nervous as I knew something was wrong. Then, I remember staring at a picture of a very pretty young woman and I picked this picture up and there she was sitting on a chair, I just stood there panicked not knowing at all what to do.I heard mumbling during this. All of my friends were freaking out and shouting that I was having a seizure and turns out I was. 

Tears were falling down my face foam was coming out of my mouth and my nose was bleeding . When I came out of my seizure , I wanted to leave . But the doors were locked and the windows were silled shut we could litterly do nothing. The last thing I remember was waking up and being drowned in a pool outside I was at the bottom of the lake and I couldn't move at all. I couldn't scream or do anything.I felt numb and mowpy. There was something at the top of the lake that I couldn't make out. I noticed that is was hand. I tried so hard to reach myhand up to the other, but it was to late I drowned to the very bottom of this lake and nothing felt right anymore. 

Then, suddenly out of nowhere I was rescued by a bunch of divers that pulled me up to shore.When I got to shore I still could not breathe, they pulled me quickly all the way up to shore. They performed CPR on me , and finally to my surprise I could finally breathe.Turns out every since that day , all of my friends have been missing ,I was the only person that made it out of the house.

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