The Autumn Evening Story About My Carelessness

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It was a cold, fall afternoon after school on a Monday. The dog excitedly greeted me as I pulled the leash off the fridge. Creeeeeak. I feel an abrupt chilly breeze as I pulled open the front door. I love the delightful aroma of the fall in the evening. As I walked down the street, I see these beautiful, colorful trees. It is like it is raining leaves when they fall from the trees. Ruff, Ruff! Sadie yanks me, to hunt down a bunny. She is so strong, I instantly lose grip and she runs off the bunny. I try to chase her down, but she id just simply too fast.

How could I let this happen? I think to myself as I grab my phone out to call my mom. Sadie comes back around, so I think I have another chance to get her. Without enough time, I chase her with my phone in my hand, not remembering that I am clumsy. I try to yell her name as I dial my mother’s number for help. I go flying in the air when I trip over a rock. Ahhh! Ouch!, I yell as I slam against the ground. When I got to my feet, I realize that I can’t find my phone! I look to my side and see little bits and pieces of my phone, strewn about on the cold, hard ground. I go to pick them up to show my mom. But, I had forgotten about my dog. When I got home, I went to my mom to show her.

“Where is Sadie?!” she yelled at me after I showed her what was left of my phone.

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“What do you mean?” I asked, incredibly confused. Almost immediately after I asked that, suddenly I sprint outside the house to go look for her.

“What a good girl!” I say to her as I am surprised to see her sitting there, waiting to be let in the house. I go back to my mom, wondering what to do with my cut hand, from the glass, and the remnants of the phone.

“Well, you have had his phone a while,” she explained to me as the tears roll down my cheeks, from guilt.

“So, I think it would make sense for you to use my old phone for a bit while you save up for a half. I will pay for half of your new phone.” I was surprised that she wasn’t too mad! But almost instantly after I finished my thought, she grounded me for a week

Well… at least it can be worse I thought to myself as I went back to my room to finish my homework. As I start to finish up, I start thinking to myself, from now on, I will be more aware of my surroundings, and try my best not to be so misguided towards my possessions.

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