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Harms Inflicted By Offshore Oil Drilling In The U.s. To The Environment

Why does our country choose to participate in something so harmful to the environment? Offshore oil drilling is a controversial topic because there are several sides to take. Offshore oil drilling creates oil pollution, killing thousands of sea animals each year which effects their ecosystem,...

The UK Oil and Gas Offshore Exploration and Production

Introduction The oil and gas industry worldwide plays a huge role in the distribution of energy in many countries. Its daily use and consumption by humans who are the final consumers of the natural resource as well as its importance cannot be over-emphasised. The oil...

Legislation of Onshore and Offshore Oil Drilling Company

The Oil UK company is aware of the legislation in the UK and the EU. There are rules to produce oil on both offshore and onshore locations. So much so, legislation is laws that have put into place to support workers in all industries, not...

The History of Offshore Oil and Gas in the United States

The History of Offshore Oil and Gas in the united stated In the 1890s, some wells had been drilled in the ocean which was connected to the shore by wooden piers. This was the start point for the USA to go to the sea for...

Offshore Construction in Offshore Oil Drilling

Offshore Drilling Units Mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) are defined as ‘marine vessels that drill holes in the earth to find and produce hydrocarbons’ (Kaiser, Snyder & Pulsipher 2013, p. 1). Offshore drilling takes place worldwide in areas where hydrocarbon possibilities exist (Kaiser, Snyder &...

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