Culture and Festivities of the Hopi Tribe

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Marriage Form

The Hopi tribe had appeared to be monogamous which was regarded as being a strong hold to enter the after life. In other instances the high profile families would select a spouse of whom they would like their sons or daughters to get married to. (, 2019) Most times couples would chose their own partner. The Hopi girl after going through the main rites, would of adolescence is prepared for her suitors. If a Hopi girl was interested in marrying Hopi boy, she would have to offer him a loaf of Hopi corn bread and he accepted it, it meant that he was also interested in marrying her as well.(Iaskquestions, 2019)

Marriage Ceremony

The Hopi bride would put on her wedding gown the couple would then walk to the edge of the mesa(hill with steep sides) to observe and to pray to the sun which would be in the process of rising.(Iaskquestions, 2019)

Hopi Family

Close too the end of the 19th century, the small extended family was perhaps the most common. Because the husband lived with his wife. His duty was to provide food and clothing from his labor, Even tough the house in which he lived was owned by his wife or mother in law. The children were born into the same clan as the mother adding that the children were named by the women of the father’s clan.(, 2019)

Kinship Terminology

A Hopi society is broken into clans, where the high ranking clans would have controlled the ceremonies and the traditional political affairs.(, 2019)

C=children B=brother S=sister F=father M=mother LG=little grandmother GM=grandmother.

Death Ceremonies

Through out a Hopi funeral, a lot if eagle feathers were used to make pahos. A female member of the decease would have to wash the hair of the dead Hopi Indian. There would also be a cotton mask, which would have been used to tie over the dead’s face. They would also have a pray bound to a

peace of hair which would be covering the face

which would then proceed to the burial of the deceased. (Hopi, 2019) The Hopis strongly believed in reincarnation, where the soul in reborn into someone else.(w, 2019)

Birth Ceremonies

The ritual of the birth is commences when the pregnant Hopi woman goes into agony unattended. She would have taken an ear of corn which would have been chosen when the news of her being pregnant was discovered. After bearing the child, the new mother would remain in an unlighted room for nine days in which she could not be disturbed by the light of sun.(w, 2019)

Cultural Festivals

The Hopi Indians have maintained their heritage bu living in solitary areas. The Hopis observed many celebrations each year, through out the 4 corners of the south west part of the Unites states of America. For example there is the Wuwuchim festival which is a winter festival. Then there is the Powanu festival which depicts the first 3 phases of creation.(Doyle Burns, 2019)

Social conformity and Deviant behavior

Early socialization was granted but after the age of 4 the children were given small jobs to so in and around the house holding they did not do it they were punished by their parents. (, 2019) The boys were more prone at getting mistreated rather than the girls because they were the more favored sex among both genders.

Types of Marriages in Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, there are mainly 4 types if marriages. The Hindu, Civil, Muslim and Orisa marriages. These marriages must be done by a license marriage official. The civil marriage being the most common practice among all in Trinidad and Tobago.(U.S. Embassy in Trinidad & Tobago, 2019).

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