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Hamar Tribe Rite of Passage Ceremonies

Out of all the tribes, the tribe that stood out most was the Hamar tribe. The Hamar Tribe is a group of people who originated from the Omo Valley, which extends to Lake Chew Bahir in Southwest Ethiopia. They speak the Hamar-Banna language. The Hamar...

Degradation Ceremony of Removing Oneself from the Group

A degradation ceremony is a process in which an individual is removed from a group or making it so that one’s social status is no longer connected with said group. Degradation ceremonies were created as an outlet for society to deal with individuals that have...

The Traditions of Balhats (Potlatch) Ceremony

Introduction Balhats (Potlatch) ceremony is a huge festive ceremony held based on any particular reason includes celebrating sections like dancing, singing and fasting in the name of their birthright and securing the ancestral tradition and values. This essay will explain the balhats ceremony and its...

The Wedding Ceremony In Malaysian Culture

The wedding function in Malaysia transcend dissimilar cultural traditions consisting of indigenous culture, Hindu culture and Islamic traditions that collectively creates a colourful traditional Malay culture. A number of programs that culminate into the solemnization of a union between a man and a woman at...

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