What Volleyball Has Taught Me

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I knew that making a team above my age level was going to be difficult. There was going to be tough competition, and I’d have to prove myself. But, after going to several practices I could tell that this team was not going to have a good season. We were very young for our age group, and we had various skill levels. By the first tournament, we all had different attitudes that clashed. Most of the girls on the team stayed in little groups of two to three and we didn’t bond. Being on a team such as this, forced me to take the lead. This past year of volleyball has taught me so much. However, the trait that I felt I learned the most was teamwork. Having a team this diverse, made me notice how important teamwork actually is for a team to succeed.

Certain tournaments we had you could tell that the team was playing well together, we had good attitudes and all had the same mindset. But, in other games, there was a noticeable tension between each other. Our attitudes were definitely down and everyone was playing for themselves. In these types of games, we lose. But when we play together and have the same goal, we win. So, teamwork seems to be a repeating theme on how a team’s season will end up.

Another thing volleyball has given me is confidence. Being a volleyball player comes with a lot of responsibility, so by having confidence on the court it allows you to make decisions that will better the team. Confidence is a big part of the game, without it there is a chance you will hurt your team more than help them. Each time you touch the ball the teams’ confidence lies on you. Your decisions on the court affect the turnout of the game. So, confidence in yourself and the team is a big part of the sport.

Lastly, this sport has taught me to not be afraid to make mistakes. We all know the saying “Everyone makes mistakes.” However, after playing this sport it has truly taught me that everyone does make mistakes. Mistakes are there to help you learn from them. The only way you can possibly get better is to focus on improving after the mess up. After playing eight years of volleyball, I have learned that it’s okay to make mistakes, your team won’t judge you and they certainly won’t hold it against you. The one thing you shouldn’t do after making a mistake is to not focus on it. If you focus on them you will continue to mess up. It’s not bad to make mistakes, no one will critique you, and it’s not like you’re the only one.

Volleyball has taught me this and so much more. It’s a big part of my life and allows me to be myself. Over the last few years, I have grown in many different ways all because of this sport. I have grown into who I am today not only because of the people who have helped me along the way but the sport who has helped shape me. Volleyball allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself and has taught me so much more than if I didn’t play.

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