Essay Samples on Basketball

Designing Children Basketball Training Program

The severity of training, frequency and effort planted in a sport during childhood stage remains controversial. Additionally, highly focused physical training and subsequent levels of competition will affect the physical and psychological pressure towards a child that is often severe. In the short term, a…

The Fundamentals of NBA Betting Practice

Even if you are a novice at basketball betting, more likely than not, you are aware of the fact that the sport ranks among the highest-speed sports which give gambling enthusiasts plenty of twists and turns when it comes to its momentum. Other than that,…

The Legal Impact of the 2011 NBA Lockout

Research Paper: Strikes/ Fair Labor The 2011 NBA lockout was the fourth National Basketball Association lockout in NBA history, and was Commissioner David Stern’s fourth lockout as commissioner of the National Basketball Association. It was the first lockout since the 1998 season. The lockout lasted…

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