Heartfelt Birthday Congratulations to the Beloved Person

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My love, today is your birthday. A day to be happy and reflective. One of those days when you get presents, get compliments, congratulations, break the cake and gather the whole class to celebrate. This may describe yet another program of the commemoration of this special date. Maybe ... Birthday, a passage of time from your own story, or simply a Christmas milestone that makes you go back in time and reflect on your journey on the stage of existence. Surely you will reflect - Wow, how much time has passed. Look what I became. The moments I spent and what I want for me from now on? What are my main goals?

Maybe these are the kinds of reflections. It will be critical because it will make you realize that we are healthy, happy, and especially able to fight for what is ours. To fight for our goals. Whatever they are.

While you ...

Today I could say that I love you, but you certainly already know that.

Today I could say that I adore you, but you should know that too.

Today I could say that I don't live without you, but deep down, I'm sure you know.

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Today, I would give you the sky and the stars, I would take you to paradise just to fill you with love. Ah, how I would like. But unfortunately, I do not have that power yet. I am still just an angel and not a God. But angels are even more interesting. They have the gift of caring.

Today, I just want to be by your side, no matter how. I just wanna be close to you. To be able to tell you what I feel and to be silly and inconsequential. Be yours forever.

Today I just want to be able to continue the mission of being your angel, your protector.

I want to take care of you. This accomplishes me.

I want to keep you in this hard and arduous life. I want to earn your inspiring smiles of moments of breath and be able to exercise my feeling without fear of making mistakes. Today I won't say that I love you, because today I need to accomplish something bigger, I need to “prove” it. Make you notice something inexplicable. Make you see how perfect, generous, kind, and hopeful the world can be. But of course, happiness will always only represent moments. So I hope we have endless happy moments, but we can also save ourselves for the hard times. It must be understood that the perspective of happiness can only occur at certain times. We cannot expect happiness all the time, this would perhaps be the greatest feeling of selfishness. Remember that while we are sad, other people are smiling. And maybe to smile, other people need to cry. Life is thus imperfect in its entirety but sweeping in its fullness.

I want to make you see the 'moment' the way it is, incisive and unique. The moment is for us as something that has its own identity, configures us as people. Yes, we are made at the moment.

We will certainly not live the moments that have passed, but we will live many more moments. Good or bad, I do not know. But rest assured that these will be unique moments. Life comes down to interaction, love, friendship, complicity ... We are a pure reflection of reciprocity. The mutual relationship of objects, symbols, and individuals. This is life. My love, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met. The kindest, most honest, sweetest, and simplest. But of course, this is my view. Do not want to hug bears or sharks. Lol Just kidding, you're beautiful even to them. Remember that I, your family, and your friends love you so much. You are more than special. It is and always will be that beautiful and captivating little girl that we get used to admire. Or maybe it's just this amazing mother who cares for her neighbors with zeal. To me, you are simply WONDERFUL, AMAZING, UNIQUE, and ABSOLUTE.

Congratulations my angel. Cheers to you and know that I am with you to help you realize any and all dreams you may desire.

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