Essay Samples on Youth

African American Youth In The Criminal Justice System

Various behavioral correction practices implemented in learning institutions have quickly increased the number of African American youth that have run-ins with both juvenile and the adult criminal systems. Through these practices and societal inequalities,African American youth are being funneled into the criminal justice system more…

Independence Day – Let Nigeria Rise

This another day, a moment to celebrate our independence. An independence that we have only gotten on paper, a facade in reality. Our people are being sold as slaves in Libya like in the colonial times. We still trek miles across the Sahara desert and…

Adult Development And Aging Issues

Commercials of any anti-aging products like Olay subtly hint the message that aging is a condition we need to battle, but it is inevitable one we will lose. The sales are driven not just by baby boomers and Gen X-ers, but also millennials who don’t…

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