Essay Samples on Youth

Representation of Realistic Life of Queer Youth in Moonlight

The film ‘Moonlight’ presents three phases in the life of the fundamental character, Chiron; his childhood, teenage years, and early grown-up life. It explores the troubles he faces with his sexuality and personality, including the physical and psychological mistreatment he bears growing up. The film…

Why Some Youths Join Gangs And Others Do Not

Introduction The conflicting decision whether to join a gang or not join a gang can be a life altering decision. There are several reasons why people decide to become a gang member. The reasons can range from the need to be loved or wanting the…

African American Youth In The Criminal Justice System

Various behavioral correction practices implemented in learning institutions have quickly increased the number of African American youth that have run-ins with both juvenile and the adult criminal systems. Through these practices and societal inequalities,African American youth are being funneled into the criminal justice system more…

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