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Youth Participation In Electoral Politics

Introduction India is the seventh-largest country by area and second population after Chania. India has the world’s largest Democracy. According to the 2001 Census, 18.95% of people in India are youths but their involvement in politics is insignificant as compared to that of other generations....

The Degree of Victimization of Youth in Gangs

Whenever neighborhoods, schools, families in the network scatter or rots, most youth go to posse enrollment as a way to fabricate their regard and restore their social character. Presently, there is literally nothing legendary about this. Reality of the situation is, packs appear to be...

Combating Youth Drug Usage with D.A.R.E Program

High school drug usage has affected the youth throughout history. Through analyzing what type of drug usage high schoolers today are using, and the lasting effects it has on their bodies, astonishing statistics support the popularity of alcohol, marijuana and nicotine usage in today’s youth....

The Struggles of Black American Teen's Life

It is likely that you have heard or read the phrase ‘black lives matter’. Everyone observes it differently. Some people who are not African-American might want to say, ‘all lives matter’. Some read the phrase and realize that there are problems with how society views...

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