Finding The Causes Behind The Youth Violence In Schools

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Introduction and Interdisciplinary Justification:

It has been suggested for years that asking question leads you down a road of confusion, conflict and even more question. Interdisciplinary analysis has broken down the concept of solving the tough question by collectively breaking down the components within the problem while categorizing each problem as micro to macro to assess how the issue can be resolved.

In this paper, I will use reference of Columbine High shooting as a sample of causation and resolution for school violence by addressing the micro and macro problem with in the disciplines that are link to irrational self-control issues. I will analyze the psychological and sociological issue in our school structure, allowing individuals to understand the themed causations that occur in each discipline.

Causation of School Violence:

In order to reduce and eventually eliminate school violence in our nation, we must understand the causes and signs of school violence amongst our youth and most importantly how can we get to the root of the issue to solve it. There are number of reasons that cause school violence, but we can narrow it down into four categories: individual, family, school, and community risk factors. On the individual side, it depends on an individual choice to build on violent. There can be many factors that can lead to violent behavior such as abuse, aggressiveness, lower intelligence, internal character, birth complications and more. Most of the children were born with a good-natured character but it depends on surrounding environment how an individual get influenced. The violence that can caused by individual risk factors is only when they were ignored by adults.

On family risk factors, it plays an important role in creating or stopping violent behavior in children because it is initial stage to learn. Child abuse, parental drugs involvement, negligence, history of family or parent’s crime and violence, lack of monitoring, lower or lack of expectations by parents, and other can cause violent behavior in children. It depends on family environment how an individual build their behavior from the initial stage. If the violence is normal in an individual’s household environment then it’s most likely they carryout at school too.

On school risk factor, a school is second home for children where they spends most of their day time trying to learn right things to do in life, but the life for elementary, middle, and high school students has never been easy. Most student struggles with academic pressures and conflicts with their peers. Risk factor like this may lead them to delinquency behaviors, academic failure, and gang involvement.

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On community risk factor, our social has been so much stronger that it is hard to live without it, so effects of community cannot be ignored. Easy access to weapon, dugs, economic deprivation, and high transient population are some example of community risk factor. Furthermore, spread of violence in movies, music video, video games and television has created a dangerous imitation for youth.

In the article “School violence beyond the Columbine” author states from the beginning of the reading that aligning with only one of the twelve discipline theories will not lead to an understanding of what causes acts of violence. Since each theory is rooted in its parent discipline an interdisciplinary approach is crucial to the success of solving the problem. It was evident from the introduced that the audience would be educated on what causes school violence. To focus on the scope of the problem the research showed how school violence was looked at before Columbine and after.

Psychology and sociology disciplines:

Disciplinary perspective has a unique way of looking at the reality of the world that influences how research and teaching with in that discipline are pursued. The perspective of discipline should be the primary means that distinguish one discipline form another. There are multiple disciplines involve in school violence. Some of which are: biology, anthropology, political science, psychology, sociology, history, music and criminal justice. Once there are potentially relevant disciplines, it is important to find the disciplines that are most relevant. Discipline that is most relevant to top has direct connection to the problem and has with in author research domain. In the identifying disciplines that are most relevant to topic Psychology and Sociology, which are both in use to address the topic.

In interdisciplinary research psychology and sociology disciplines have been progressed slowly compare with social science categories. Because of the increase specialization and modern society’s complexity these disciplines may not be able to answer complex question. In interdisciplinary approach scholars need to answer complex question, solve complex problems, and have understanding of complex issues that connects multiple disciplines. In the article “School Violence beyond Columbine” author elaborates social rejection and social hierarchies can lead to violence in society and school environment. In additional, author added even we can observe student violent behavior by psychological process, he suggest to go deeper and see what made him to choose violence in the first place.

In the article “Exposure of Student to Emotional and Physical Violence in the School Environment” author elaborates about violence against children from their family members, teachers, or peers can damages their emotional and physical health. Emotional violent behaviors like shouting, criticizing harshly, displaying a coarse and rude attitude, and denigrating their personality may jeopardize the psychological and social development of children. Studies had shown that corporal punishment that is generally encountered at home and sustained at school creates a cycle of violence behavior by increasing the aggression of children. External factor that leans toward problem topic are based on peers behavior, home environment, institution environment, and exclusive societies. Internal factor are backed on student’ cognitive development, genetic condition, chemical imbalance, and change in self-esteem.

Disciplinary insights into the school violence:

The major factor cause psychological harm is when an individual is in stress form surroundings behaviors. This discipline is relevant to the problem because it feeds students anger and aggressive behaviors by suffering from events such as harassment, threats, bulling, belittling and ridicule. The major factor cause social problem is when there is presence of inequalities in the society. This discipline is relevant to the problem because our youth learn from the society we live in. Below are the insight listed in the research articles that leads to school violence.


In conclusion we have argued that in order to have better understanding of school violence an interdisciplinary approach is necessary. I encountered use of multiple references that integrate disciplines such as Political and Social Sciences, Criminology, Behavioral Sciences, Sociology, and Psychology. These works of literature focus on integrative theories of crime, delinquency, school violence, vengeance ideology, poverty, inequality, family relationship, victimization, etc. Overall, the main idea of this research and those in this complex problem provide innovative ideas for next steps in research on school violence, which have the prospective to not only contribute significantly to enhancing research in this area, but also to advise practice and policy.

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