Relation Between Positive Attitude And Success

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Behind every successful person, there is a positive attitude. Before proving this statement, let us know “what is success?”

Success can be defined as the accomplishment of aim or victory or triumph in books and dictionaries. But it can be simply defined as the state of obtaining happiness when we do something worth full. Success without happiness can’t be accepted as a true victory.

Let me explain this more clearly, with a scenario.

A young man was about to attend an interview. As it was time for the departure, he rushed to catch the train. Accidently, he dashed on a table holding fruit baskets. He had no time to apologize for it and moved away quickly. But something sucked his heart. He turned to the place where he dashed the table. There he saw a blind little girl, helplessly searching the fruits scattered on the floor. He collected the fruits and filled them again in her basket and apologized for his mistake. The girl held his hands thankfully.

In this incident, the young man missed the interview but he felt happy and contented seeing the graceful face of the little girl.

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Now, how will you judge success? Winning a competition or winning the hearts of the people.

Here is another scenario.

A girl went to a nearby restaurant to have ice cream. She asked the waiter to show the menu card. He gave her the menu card with a variety of ice-creams. She ordered a 15upees ice cream. She ate it and left 5 rupees as tips for the waiter. The waiter was surprised. He asked the girl, “Why didn’t you order 20 rupees ice cream?” The girl replied “I had only 20 rupees. So I kept 5 rupees with me to offer you as tips.” The waiter was moved by the girl’s reply. He had come across many rich peoples, who have not left more than 10 rupees as tips. He wondered about the girl’s act of gratitude.

Now, whom do you consider as of great people? The rich ones or the little girl!!!

If your answer is the little girl, then successful people are the ones with good hearts.

Only your satisfied heart and peaceful mind can define you as a successful person. If your victories cannot make you feel contented, how can you call yourself a successful person?

Helping others with what you have will really make you happy. To lend to others, you have to own something. So gradually you will start working. Successively, you can build yourself and a healthy society.

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