The Core Values Behind Why I Want To Be A Police Officer

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Core value are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behaviour and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong.I have multiple core values but if I had to choose the top three I apply in my everyday life it would be Responsibly, Positivity, & Organization. Responsibly plays a huge role in my life every single day. Responsibility doesn’t only mean an individual is responsible it also means they are trust worthy, respect their duties, committed etc. I'm 20 years old I have a lot of responsibilities in my everyday life. (i.e) I live with my boyfriend and my dog Ace, my mornings start with the responsibility of walking my dog, picking up after his poop, pouring him food and water, getting ready for Collage, attending class, completing homework and assignments, Going to work so I can pay my rent, buy groceries, make car payment, car insurance payments. I can go on forever! Responsibility to me isn’t just a core value its a way of life. I have made certain commitments in my life that if I'm not responsible regarding my responsibilities I will set myself up for failure. When I wake up the next morning I feel very positive knowing I completed every task I was required to do. Secondly, my core values have thought me to be really positive in my everyday life. Not everything in life will fall in its place, sometimes a situation will take a drastic u-turn how you handle that situation will determine the out come. 

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There have been many times in my life when things didn’t go the way I wanted, but by then I already knew what was done cannot be changed therefore I will just have to make the best of the situations. Trust me being positive will save you a lot of anger, frustration, & disappointment (i.e) Last summer my boyfriend, my dog and I went to Sauble beach he was driving through the town not aware the speed had changed from 100 max to 50max few seconds later we got pulled over by OPP. The officer suspended his license and impounded our vehicle we were left in the middle of nowhere with all our stuff without any transportation services. I was very upset for the first 10 minutes regarding the situation, but then again I realized it was an honest mistake and I would have to stay positive. I suggested we cheek-in to a motel for the time being until we got everything figured out. We walked few miles and finely cheeked in it wasn’t easy checking in with a dog but after explaining our situation the motel clerk was okay. That day I realized how many things went wrong we didn’t have food, transportation, money, we were 300km away from home. Positivity goes a long way I never gave up and I didn’t let my boyfriend either I kept telling him stay positive we will get through this and we did. We organized a ride and figured our way home. 

Thirdly another core value I apply to my life is organization I feel better things will come your way if your an organized individual planning ahead will always go a long way in every given scenario. Organizing yourself will lead to less problems, misunderstandings, failure to meet deadlines. (i.e) I organizes everything in my life when I’m home I organize my house make sure its clean everything is in place where I can find it so I’m not looking for something last minute when I need it, Organized my work complete anything thats outstanding stay organized tasks, most importantly organize my schooling getting all my work done, presenting everything in a organized manner therefore everything is understandable. I apply all three of these core values to my life every single day of the year, before when I wouldn’t I realized I wasn’t getting things done, I was upset and frustrated when things wouldn’t go my way, all my work was out of place. I would recommend anyone who has these symptoms in their everyday life to apply my core values to their’s and notice the difference because I guarantee you will.

After graduating I would like to become a Police Officer and work for the region of Peel. I want to follow the slogan “To serve and protect” & “A safer community together”. I want to help people make better choices, keep the streets clean everyday Police officers encounter people at their worst. Drug addicts, gang members, thieves, spousal abusers, and people who drive under the influence of alcohol these are just a few examples. One of the most satisfying aspects of working as a law enforcement officer is the opportunity you'll have to show these people a better way. The entails of becoming a Police officer - what you do you in the job, what is involved in being a police officer.

Police officer hold many values many of those values are core values other values are required by the organization of law enforcement. Responsibilities is a really big value.  Police Officers a, along with their respective organizations affirm the following primary responsibilities, which consists of key relationships. First, there is the public, who we serve. second professional partners, with whom we work with on a daily basis like firefighters, paramedics. Third ourselves personally, to whom we must be honest with each judgment we make. Secondly, integrity is another value being a Police officer would need to show everyday. Police officers exercise their authority in an honest, open and fair manner with everyone, they accept responsibility for their actions in order to build and maintain a reputation of trustworthiness and accountability for their actions. Thirdly honesty would have to be one of the major values required. Police officer must be honest about what they say and write (i.e) When a officer is making an arrest be must read rights to council in fair honesty without changing words, Police officer must write statements as they are told and update their notebook every 30 minutes as to what they are doing, if their on call, making traffic stop. Police officer must be honest when in court as to what they saw, how they handled the situation. There are many more core values a Police officer must have and use everyday, but I found these three very important in my perspective. 

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