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‘Variations in Phrasal Rhythmic Patterns of Sign Language

The ratio is calculated by dividing lexical sign duration by transitional movements duration. Another goal of the research is to use rhythm ratio to investigate how much contribution sociolinguistic factors such as gender, age, and sign variety made to such variations by rhythmic analysis of...

The System of American Sign Language

ASL enable communication in a way to make sure people can visually understand one, from a simple question to a complex message. ASL delivers ideas, information and emotion with as much range, complexity and versatility as any other spoken languages. It is a free-flowing, complex...

An Overview of Sign Language Detection Using Wearable System

Abstract This paper presents a survey of sign language detection using a wearable system by using various techniques. This technology is used for deaf and dumb as they face many difficulties in their day to day life to communicate with the world. As many people...

Effective Interpretation and Replication of Sign Language Using Robotics Arms

Abstract The usage of computer vision and artificial intelligence has become an important factor for many real-world applications. The automatic recognition of hand gestures using these two technologies are very much useful in sign language recoginition. In this paper we are going to see about...

History Of Deaf Education And American Sign Language

There were many reasons why the history of deaf education has changed over time. One of the most influential people who helped make deaf education the way it is today is Thomas Galludet. Thomas Gallaudet brought oral and sign language back to America. He helped...

The Effect Of Culture On Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication

Language is a system of communicating with other people using sounds, symbols and words in expressing an idea/thought. Language can be used in many forms, primarily through oral and written communications as well as using expressions through body language. The culture in which people socialize...

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