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Ways Wolves Communicate With Each Other

Wolf signals show strong bonds and communication with other wolves in their packs. Wolves have an advanced level of communication shown through their social organization within their pack community, survival instinct, and relations with rivaling or opposing packs, using vocalization, scent, and body language. The...

Communication Methods Used by Lions

Introduction This report will explain the different communication methods used by lions (Panthera leo) and their reasons for it as well as discussing the costs and benefits of each. Animals have a variety of communication methods to show how they are feeling in a certain...

Greater Sage-Grouses: Methods of Communication

Introduction This essay is going to evaluate methods of communication, explaining how optimal foraging and sexual selection behaviour is influenced in Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) (IUCN Red List, 2016). Males have a grey crown and white around their neck whereas females have less white colouring...

Preemptive Scheduling with Honey Bee Foraging

Extended bee algorithm utilizes divisible load scheduling theorem and follows honey bees’ foraging behavior. A new agent model is suggested to reduce network delay and to increase throughput. The authors have mapped the dancing floor of honey bees to the routing table in the network....

Stable Isotopes And Cougar Dispersal Patterns

Mammals Cougar populations in Midwestern North America have been recolonizing some of their former ranges in recent decades, however the dispersal routes taken from established populations by these animals are unknown. Insight into these patterns and movements is of the utmost importance in facilitating cougar...

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