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Albert Einstein and Special Theory of Relativity

 Albert Einstein is one of the most influential mathematicians that discovered many theories that have shaped the lives of millions. His passion for math and physics completely transformed his life and he has influenced the future generations of scientific findings in countless ways. Albert Einstein...

Biography And Achievements Of Bernhard Riemann: A Prominent German Mathematician

Bernhard Riemann is a German mathematician who has, discovered math lasting consequences. His full name is Georg Friedrich Bernhard RIemann. He also wrote a novel that talks about the study of geometry. Riemann was a pure genius and his remarkable contributions to the mathematical world...

Effect of 5Cs on Senior Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Geometry

Geometry as a concept in mathematics has a lot of benefits to both the learners and the society at large. Its definition varies from author to author. Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the measure and properties of points, lines, curves and...

Architectural Geometry and How Can We Use in Computer Graphics

Architectural Geometry is a zone of research, which consolidates connected geometry and engineering. H. Pottmann, A. Asperl, M. Hofer and A. Kilian right off the bat utilized the expression 'Engineering Geometry' in 2007 in their book at a similar title. Participation of three geometers and...

Proportion and Geometry Within Architecture

Geometry along with music, arithmetic and astronomy, made up the Quadrivium, the four quantitative areas of learning in the ancient Greek world and advocated in the middle ages as essential for the education of all human beings. Even though the educated person would usually have...

Maria Montessori's Philosophy of Geometry

In the chaos and hustle of everyday life, it is not often that an individual will stop to take a deeper look at the world that surrounds her. But if she was to pause for only a moment, open her eyes, and truly take in...

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