Albert Einstein and Special Theory of Relativity

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 Albert Einstein is one of the most influential mathematicians that discovered many theories that have shaped the lives of millions. His passion for math and physics completely transformed his life and he has influenced the future generations of scientific findings in countless ways. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. As a child, he was a very curious and observant child. He had two “wonders that deeply affected his early years.” 

The first wonder was when he came across a compass. He was amazed that there were forces that could move the needle from one side to the other. He knew that there was something behind that caused this. His second wonder was when he found a geometry book. He would stare at the shapes and numbers across the pages wondering if he would ever be able to understand what they meant. His parents were very busy all the time, so he never had anyone to explain these concepts to him. 

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Overall, Einstein’s childhood would not have been considered the best. He failed many classes and was also looked down on by his teachers. He was also very religious as a teen and his science books would contradict his beliefs. He would become very confused and would not know what to believe. He felt very discouraged and out of place after attending the Luitpold Gymnasium in Germany. The educational system was very harsh and he was once told by a teacher that he wouldn’t amount to anything. 

As a late teen, Einstein also faced many obstacles. Since he was very advanced in his academics, he would often skip classes that he felt were not as valuable to him. This could be seen as some bad decisions he made because he started to be seen as a threat to his professors. This led to him being turned down when asking one of his professors for a letter of recommendation. Not only did he get a no for an answer, but he also lost many job opportunities as a result of it. 1905 was known as Einstein’s “Wonderful Year.” He used his “Special Theory of Relativity” and applied it to his theory to mass and energy. 

He eventually formulated his equation “E=mc2.” He also had four of his pages published in a very popular German physics journal. Einstein’s life was very remarkable in the way that he came up with such successful theories and how he had so many accomplishments. At the German University of Prague and at the Federal Institute of Technology, he was granted a position as a Professor of theoretical physics. His “General Theory of Relativity” got published in 1916 and he earned a Nobel Prize in physics just 5 years later! It is also so flabbergasting that his famous equation “E=mc2” formed the “basis of the development of the atomic bomb.” 

Albert was mainly focused on physics, but his findings helped influence geometry too. He influenced “hyperbolic geometry and also non-Euclidean geometries.” This just comes to show how Einstein’s ideas were very wide-ranged and how they intertwined with many other forms of math. Overall, Albert Einstein is such an inspiring man because he shows people that you can go from nothing to something. He would fail various classes and would even be frowned upon. He didn’t let the negativity get to him and he completely turned his life around. His work later became one of the most impactful on the philosophy of science and he even overturned one of Isaac Newton’s theories. His findings have changed the way that people view our world today and his ideas can relate to anything in life.  

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